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Topamax for Weight Loss

Topiramate weight loss is one of the main side effects of the medication, but using it for this purpose requires that you properly weigh the other side effects against the benefit. Topamax for weight loss is not right for everyone and having a frank discussion with your physician is the only way to properly determine if the benefits outweigh the risks, in your individual case.

Topamax, the brand name for the drug topiramate, is a prescribed medication that is primarily used to treat seizures and prevent migraines. The trials have also found that Topamax for weight loss is one of the primary side effects of this medication that tends to help about 20% of the people that take it for this purpose. While proper nutrition and exercise are always the first choice, often supplementing with a medication that can help, topiramate weight loss medication, can make the difference.

Why and how does Topamax for weight loss work?

Even though researchers aren’t entirely sure why Topamax for weight loss actually works, the commonly held belief is that it positively affects the part of the brain that is related to addiction. By calming these impulses, topiramate weight loss medications can lead to significant weight reduction and help to give them the added boost that they are looking for. As one of the primary side effects, Topamax for weight loss could be caused or related to a few of the other side effects of topiramate. These side effects that help contribute to weight loss include: the alteration in the taste of high fat foods , sweet foods, and carbonated beverages; the reduction in general appetite; and the aforementioned chemical change in the addiction center of the brain. While topiramate weight loss is generally seen as a good thing, you have to be careful to consume the proper nutrition as the reduction in appetite may make eating anything more of a duty than a pleasure.

Taking the right dose of topiramate weight loss medication

Discussing the options with your physician before taking any medication, including Topamax for weight loss, is important and you should never try to figure out the correct dosage without their guidance. People have noticed the positive weight loss effects on topiramate dosages as low as 30 mg per day, while most people require a higher dose, which doesn’t often exceed 800 mg per day.

Everyone’s body reacts differently and there are other side effects to consider when you are thinking about taking Topamax for weight loss. Consulting with your physician, taking time to research, and listening to your body can provide the best results with the minimum possible risk.

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