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Topamax Uses

There are two primary Topamax uses: treatment of seizures and prevention of migraines. While there are plenty of other side effects that some people take advantage of, such as weight loss, the vast majority of prescriptions are for these two uses. Both migraines and seizures can be debilitating disorders to deal with on a daily basis, and regular use of this medication can help to alleviate the problem when it is taken as prescribed. If you are suffering from either of these two disorders, talk to your doctor about Topamax for migraines or seizures and they will advise you on the best course of action.

For migraine prevention, Topamax is the most widely prescribed medication in the US because of its efficiency and proven ability to reduce migraine intensity and frequency. The clinical studies that were conducted using Topamax for migraine prevention took a large sample, over 1500 participants, and demonstrated significant results. While this medication cannot alleviate pain that is experienced when consumed after the migraine has begun, it is very effective at preventing migraines from occurring when taken regularly. Topamax for migraine prevention is usually prescribed for people that consistently have one or more migraine headaches per week.

How can Topamax help you?

As part of a wellness plan to treat or prevent seizures and migraines, Topamax is an effective medication and is widely prescribed as one of the first treatment steps. By taking the prescribed amount twice a day, or as directed, most of the symptoms of both regular seizures and/or migraines can be eliminated. Most of the time, the maximum dosage of Topamax is limited to 800 mg, but your physician will determine the most effective dose for your individual situation. When used as prescribed, Topamax can be a great medication to give you sufficient relief from seizures or migraines.

Topamax and pregnancy

There have been correlations between Topamax uses for migraines and seizures, with an increased risk of birth defects. Studies have linked Topamax and negative effects during pregnancy, so caution is advised. Talking with your physician about starting or continuing to take Topamax while you are pregnant will help you to understand the risks of both sides and make an informed decision with the professional guidance of your doctor.

Topamax isn’t for everyone, but discussing this option with your physician as a treatment for seizures or prevention from regular migraines could be valuable in increasing your quality of life.

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