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Neurontin (Gabapentin)

What is Neurontin (gabapentin)?

Neurontin is the brand name for a drug known as gabapentin, which is an anticonvulsant that is used to treat seizures. This medication works by affecting the brain chemistry in such a way as to prevent seizures and some other nerve pains. Neurontin is commonly used in conjunction with other medications to help as part of a treatment plan for seizures that are caused by epilepsy, and it can also be used to treat nerve pain related to herpes viruses. Always consult your physician before beginning to consume any medication and follow their expert medical advice as best as you can.

While it is rare, it is important to make sure that you are not allergic to gabapentin before you start taking it as this could cause a life threatening reaction. It is also not advised to take Neurontin if you have any kidney, liver, or heart disease, as these conditions can compromise the effectiveness and cause serious side effects. One of the common side effects that can cause major problems is the suicidal thoughts or depression that may occur, and regularly checking in with your physician is the best way to monitor this possibility. Other symptoms to watch out for when taking Neurontin are: changes in mood, increased anxiety, increased hyperactivity, and odd behavior changes.

It is important that you consult with your doctor before altering the dose, even if you think that it isn’t working or you are taking too much. Abruptly changing the dose without properly consulting with your physician can lead to an increased risk for seizure, which the doctor can remedy by slowly lowering the dose of Neurontin over time. Never be afraid to contact your physician and discuss any issues or concerns about this medication with them. A great resource to take advantage of is your pharmacist when you are filling or refilling a prescription. It is advised that you wear a medical alert tag or carry a card that states that you are taking Neurontin, as this is important information that the medical professional will need to know in case of an emergency.

While it is not known whether Neurontin will harm a baby during pregnancy, there have been studies that have shown negative effects from similar drugs. If you become pregnant while you are taking this medication it is important to talk to your doctor right away, but do not stop taking the Neurontin until your physician has this discussion with you.

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ive been taking lyrica for my nerve damage, due from my fusion L-4,L-5,S-1. is there any other med that helps for nerve pain that goes down my leg?

I have the same problem with my right leg. Except my pain is not from a disc (I have spent rediculous amounts of money trying to get an appropriate diagnosis as far as where the nerve is pinched so i can get help!) anyway I have tried numerous medications and injections.. Physical therapy.. U name it ive prob tried it. If your pain is constant and injections and nerve blocks don't work then I would say to try asking about suboxone or subutex. These meds have been used to help opiate addicts but I have researched and lately there are more and more doctors who are using this type of medication for the treatment of mild to moderate chronic pain. It is def something I would tell you to try before any kind of opiate! If you find something else that controls your pain other than narcotics then by all means that would be the ideal choice! But from my experience none helped me in the slightest so i hope this helps you. Just plz do not get started on opiates! They ruined my life and they stop helping and you end up staying sick along with being in pain! :-(

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