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Neurontin Uses

What is Neurontin (gabapentin) used for?

The Neurontin uses are centered on preventing and managing seizures, but it has also been found to be effective at relieving the nerve pain that is associated with herpes zoster infections in adults. The official classification for gabapentin drugs, such as Neurontin, is as anticonvulsants or antiepileptic drugs. While the primary gabapentin uses consist of managing seizures and relieving nerve pain associated with herpes, it has also been shown to help treat restless legs syndrome and other nerve pain disorders including: diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia. While there have been a few reported cases of people engaging in gabapentin recreational use, this is not a major problem and rarely results in life threatening outcomes.

How to use Neurontin Orally

Always follow the directions for gabapentin uses by the doctor, as prescribed. Take the opportunity to further discuss any of your questions and concerns with the pharmacist when you get your prescription filled as they can provide a wealth of support. Most of the time you can take Neurontin without food, but there may be unique specifications that will be outlined by your doctor. It is important to always take the full dosage as prescribed as there are many factors that your physician takes into account when figuring out the dose, such as medical condition severity, response to treatment, and weight.

Taking the dosage as prescribed will allow your physician to dial in the correct does and provide maximum benefits for gabapentin uses, with limited side effects. They may want to adjust your dosage up or down during the first few days and working with them will allow the process to work much more efficiently. It also may take a few weeks or even months to become completely effective as the effects build upon themselves with regular use and evenly spaced dosage intervals; occurring at about the same time each day. Neurontin uses a steady release of the medication and it may be vital to maintain regular dosages that do not exceed 12 hours without a dose, so that the medication can be most effective.

Gabapentin recreational use

While it is not a common problem, the effects of gabapentin on the body lead people to want to experiment recreationally. The mild euphoria combined with a sense of completeness is usually achieved with higher doses than prescribed. You should avoid taking any medication in high dosages, as required by gabapentin recreational use to get the effects, because there are a number of serious health complications that you can have by consuming too much Neurontin.

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