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Gabapentin for Dogs

The use of gabapentin in dogs is primarily to manage chronic nerve pain, with mild effectiveness managing seizures. As with human use, the mechanism that allows the medication to work is not well understood, however, while it is structurally similar to the neurotransmitter GABA, it does not negatively affect its function. That is not to say that there are no negative gabapentin side effects in dogs, but with regular use that is monitored by a veterinarian the benefits of gabapentin for dogs outweigh the risks. Every dog will react differently to the medication and working to find the gabapentin dosage for dogs that are similar to your own with your veterinarian will ensure the best results.

Gabapentin dosage for dogs

Gabapentin in dogs is used in varying doses depending on the severity of the pain that they are experiencing. The medication tends to be more effective when it can be used in conjunction with other types of pain relievers such as NSAIDs. Common disorders that gabapentin dogs receive treatment for include: hyperalagesia, allodynia, chronic arthritis pain, and other nerve pain disorders. Use of gabapentin in dogs, as part of the epilepsy therapy isn’t as effective as it is in humans. Most of the time the gabapentin for dogs that require therapy for seizure is just a component of the overall therapy plans. Independent of the gabapentin dosage for dogs, the delivery of the medication is usually best administered in its oral solution form. Combine the short active half-life with the rate of metabolism by gabapentin in dogs, and the oral solution is the top choice for easy regular administration.

Gabapentin side effects in dogs

While most of the gabapentin side effects in dogs are limited to mild sedation and ataxia, there are a number of more serious side effects that are associated with exceeding the recommended dosage. When an overdose of gabapentin in dogs occurs the symptoms that would occur include: severe lethargy, somnolence, depression, and intense ataxia. If you notice that your dog overdosed on this medication you can take gut emptying precautions to decrease the likelihood of severe negative side effects.

General precautions when administering gabapentin dogs

If the dogs have decreased liver function or renal complications then is it advised to take extra care with this medication, as it can negatively affect these disorders. As with human consumption, gabapentin for dogs should not be stopped abruptly because the withdrawal symptoms can cause seizure or immense pain. When securing the gabapentin dogs oral solution it is important not to use the human product as it contains xylitol, which can be toxic for their blood.

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according to my vet my dog had a problem with the last disc on his spine, he could not stand on his hind legs. He was given a shot for medication and then prescribed pain medications as follows: Tramadol HCL Tab 50 mg (3 ) times daily for pain:

Carpofen 75mg Caplets by mouth twice daily &

Gabapentin Caps 300 mg once daily in the evening.

On the third day after he was already walking on his own, he eats good, he enjoys his walks and has strength to drag me, the walks are for 30 minutes.

Hi Mariano,

Am glad your dog is feeling better now. What breed and how old is your dog? I have a 2.5 Maltese-Shihtzu named Oliver, who just got diagnosed last week with L4-5 disc disease on his spine. He has a long body and the neurologist said 50% of her dog patients with spine problems are Dachshunds who have long bodies.

Last week, Oliver couldn't pee nor poo from his back pain so we rushed him to the vet who referred us to the specialist. He is now on Gabapentin, 50mg 2x a day for 2 weeks. Seems to be working and relieving his pain, but this morning he yelped while pooping so pain is coming back. How long has your dog been taking Gabapentin and did your vet mention if he needs to take it long term?

Thanks for your input,


Hi. My Maltese is 12.5 years old and has a slipped disk, lower back..the joys of aging. He has been on Gabapentin since March 2014. Other health problems does not allow for NSAIDs. Still my baby has been doing fine on just the Gabapentin, and it probably will be a long term thing.

He is getting 3X 15mns daily walks. We have noticed that with back problems, he likes to go up a little hill or anything that has a slight upward incline, he faces up and poops with more ease.!!

Hope the above helps. Good luck.

Hi Pat, my dog is 14 yrs and started having hip and hind leg issues since December. He has liver and kidney issues both under control. I' m concerned with the side effects gabapentin can cause. Nothing else seems to help, he's on tramadol and was on prednisone. What are the other health issues your dog has? I just want to see if the same as mine. Thank you in advance.

Hi Pat,

Just saw your reply, thanks for your input! What is the daily Gabapentin dosage for your 12.5 yr old Maltese please? How much does he weigh? Oliver weighs 11.5 pounds.

Oliver is now feeling better. He has been on low dosage Gabapentin 50 mg a day (no NSAID meds) since July 2014. Once in a while if he plays too much with other dogs, we increase to 100mg a day to prevent his back pain from reoccuring. The vet said 100mg a day is still considered safe and low dosage.



My Bichon has developed a pronounced tremble which occurs without warning and seems only to stop after giving him a capsule of 100mg Gabapentin. The vet has given him a thorough physical and is certain he has nothing sinister or seriously wrong, and as long as this drug works, I am happy to give him it once daily. Within 20 minutes or so the trembling ceases and be returns to normal. He is 6 kGS and is just over 10 year old.

Hello . I have a miniature dachshund who 4 weeks ago started shaking and his neck hurt him . My vet put him on prednisone this is his 6th week on it . He has good days and bad days . We don't know if its a slipped disk or IVDD she wants me to put him on gabapentin now and I'm scared to because i don't know how he will react to it . And if i start it when will he be able to get off of it ? How do i know when he really needs it because he is in pain but doesn't cry from it . He just shakes a little bit . If anyone knows anything please let me know . Thank you

Just prescribed by our vet Gabapentin 100mg "as needed for pain". 15lb schnauzer with amputated left front leg. is it safe to start and stop "as needed"?

Hi Sid, no it is not safe to stop and start. For pain, it takes a few weeks to actually build up in the dog's system and be effective. My own experience is that vetrinarians do not know much about dosing gabapentin.

Gabapentin is highly addictive to humans who experience severe withdrawal symptoms when discussing continuing it. Has any ones dog shown withdrawal symptoms? My dog has been in this for 2 weeks after an amputation. I would like to start weaning him off, wondering the best method and what you have all experienced?

My 7 yr-old dog has been on Gabapentin for several months, one pill per day, and about 2 months ago, the vet okayed an increase in dose to 2 per day because he was still in pain, it seemed. In the last month, he's become very lethargic, to the point of being depressed. I learned that extreme sleepiness, loss of balance and depression are signs of overdose, so on vet's advice, I have cut his dose to once per day. This is his second day. He is having trouble standing, his legs are shaky, and he is extremely hungry. I am wondering if these are symptoms of withdrawal from the drug. I truly hate to see him this way, and can't stand to see him in pain, but I also can't stand to see my once-happy dog depressed.

How many days after being prescribed gabapentin will I see side effects? My dog (large mix) is on 300mg every 8-12 hrs & is having balance problems -primarily back legs - & has been on the med for one week. Symptoms started on day 7. Thank you !

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