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Neurontin (Gabapentin) Side Effects

Taking any medication usually poses several side effects as everyone reacts differently to different substances, and gabapentin is no different. The interaction with the brain chemistry and nerve pathways means that the side effects of Neurontin (gabapentin) can range from mild to very serious negative health consequences. Combining gabapentin and alcohol should be avoided if possible, as most medications are affected by the absorption and metabolizing of alcohol. One of the primary concerns of the Neurontin (gabapentin) side effects is the possibility of weight gain, and rightly so as weight gain can have a range of its own side effects. If the gabapentin weight gain is severe and rapid it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible as this can often be a symptom of more severe complications. Always consult your medical professional if you are worried or have any questions regarding Neurontin or any other medication.

While rare, it is important to make sure that you are not allergic to gabapentin and get emergency medical attention if you have any of these symptoms: hives, fever, swollen glands, sores around your eyes or mouth, difficulty breathing, and/or swelling of the face or throat.

The common side effects of gabapentin include: mood swings, changes in behavior, increased anxiety, depression, feeling agitated or hostile, hyperactivity, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts or tendencies. Other less serious side effects of gabapentin include: drowsiness, nausea, blurred vision, headache, dry mouth, and minor loss of balance. Be aware of these side effects and discuss them as soon as you can with your physician.

It is important that you seek medical attention immediately if you have any of the following severe side effects of Neurontin (gabapentin): increased seizures; fever and flu like symptoms; severe tingling, numbness, and/or muscle weakness; severe stomach pain, loss of appetite; chest pain or irregular heart beat; mental confusion; trouble breathing; and/or rapid uncontrolled movement of your eyes.

There may be other side effects that people experience that aren’t listed, and it is always prudent to check with your physician if you notice anything that could be potential side effects of Neurontin.

Gabapentin Weight Gain

Gabapentin weight gain has been reported as one of the side effects of Neurontin, but it appears to occur more commonly in children. While gabapentin weight gain can normally be combatted by eating healthier and exercising more, if the weight rapidly gained than this may be a sign of a more complicated medical disorder. The rapid weight gain could be explained by increased fluid retention and can be combatted by reducing sodium and carbohydrate intake, but it is always best to discuss this in detail with your professional medical team.

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My son 27yrs is currently on neuronton 300mg 3x3 tegratol 400mgx2 pernabarboton 5mgx2 the problem is that only one hospital in out area stock the neurontin and I can't always get there in time to renew the prescription - he's been off the neuronton for 7 days - is there any withdrawl symptoms I have to look out - unfortunately my son is mentally/physically handicapped and don't talk - so I don't know if he feels different - can u plse help me. Have a nice day, regards Marie

Have an appointment with Doctor that ordered the immediate stop to gabapentin to Cymbalta effects were devastating

Change to Cymbalta was a pain I can't describe

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