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Strattera Side Effects

Strattera is a medication used for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is often used as an alternative treatment for ADHD as opposed to the standard medications used for treatment which are typically stimulants. This is beneficial for those who are sensitive to stimulants or do not like the way they feel when taking stimulants. Strattera has been found to be effective in 75% percent of those diagnosed with ADHD. Though it is relatively safe Strattera does pose some side effects that those taking the medication should be aware of.

Strattera side effect symptoms

One of the most commonly reported symptoms of Strattera use is an upset stomach accompanied by nausea. Taking Strattera with a meal in some cases has been shown to minimize this side effect. Another commonly reported side effect of taking Strattera is trouble sleeping. This is caused by the elevated dopamine and norepinephrine levels within the brain. With the concentrations of these neurotransmitters in the brain raised those taking Strattera may experience racing thoughts or restlessness at times they should be sleeping. Strattera has also been found to effect some who take it sexually. Many men experience a loss in libido as well as women. Women may also experience an increase in menstrual cramps when taking this medication. Other users also report that taking Strattera results in constipation. Eating a high fiber diet while on Strattera can help to lessen the likelihood and degree of constipation. There have also been confirmed reports of Strattera causing sever liver damage in multiple individuals prescribed the drug. These reports caused the FDA to put out a black box warning for Strattera. Those with previous liver problems should avoid Strattera for this reason.

Strattera and weight loss

Another common side effect of taking Strattera is weight loss. The higher concentration of norepinephrine in the brain blocks the appetite of many who are take Strattera. This can make food seem unpalatable or make the stomach feel fuller than it is after consuming food. The fact that Strattera also can cause nausea and disrupt the gastrointestinal system in many individuals adds to likelihood of weight loss occurring. Strattera also raises the heart rate which increases the metabolism which in turn causes more calories to be burned. All of these factors combined can result in those taking Strattera to lose significant amounts of weight which can be medically dangerous. To limit Strattera's effects on weight loss those taking it should be diligent to avoid skipping meals even if they feel they are not hungry. Drastic weight loss may also indicate that the dosage of Strattera is too high. For this reason it is important to report to your doctor any instance of drastic weight loss.

Strattera and alcohol

It is not advised to combine Strattera with alcohol as the likelihood of experiencing adverse side effects is increased with this combination. An upset stomach and nausea is more likelihood to occur when combining these two substances as both can be stomach irritants. Strattera may also increase the dizziness experienced when drinking alcohol resulting in a loss of balance. Another side effect to be aware of when combining Strattera and alcohol is that in may increase the chance of liver damage. Both alcohol and Strattera by themselves are known to cause liver damage. Combining them will only increase the strain your liver is under making the chances of developing liver disease much greater.

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