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Losartan (Generic Cozaar)

What is Losartan?

Losartan is a high blood pressure medication that is commonly known as Cozaar generic. Losartan medication is an angiotensin II type 1 receptor antagonist. This drug classification makes it ideal for treating hypertension in regards to high blood pressure or strokes. The reduction in hypertension is what helps to ease high blood pressure by letting the blood flow more freely through the arteries. The reduction in hypertension is due to losartan medication's ability to keep blood vessels from narrowing. Narrow blood vessels are one of the causes of high blood pressure which is why losartan potassium is so often used in the treatment of high blood pressure. Cozaar generic (losartan) is also often used as a preventative measure for strokes due to its ability to keep blood vessels from narrowing. Strokes are caused by a blood clot which can be prevented if the veins are kept open and prevented from narrowing. Losartan medication results in a widening of the blood vessels and thereby a lowering of blood pressure by reducing organs response to angiotensin II. Plasma renin activity also increases due to the decrease in response to angiotensin II. These two responses result in less blood being pumped through less tight arteries resulting in a decrease in blood pressure.

What is Losartan used for?

Because of its ability to reduce blood pressure so effectively, Losartan is most often used for patients with high blood pressure. Losartan potassium results in a reduction of blood pressure so alcohol or other substances which also lower blood pressure should be avoided by those taking Cozaar generic for low blood pressure. Losartan potassium is preferred for those with high blood pressure who cannot tolerate drugs which are calcium channel blockers. These patients are most commonly under the age of 55. For those suffering from high blood pressure, Losartan medication is often prescribed alongside hydrochlorothiazide as a combination drug to treat high blood pressure symptoms. When being used as a high blood pressure treatment, patients should be mindful of nausea or feelings of faintness as this may indicate their blood pressure levels have become too low. The main side effects of Cozaar generic are dizziness, muscle cramps, diarrhea, heartburn, and decreased sensitivity to touch. The patient should only be concerned if these side effects begin to increase in severity. Besides being used in treatments for high blood pressure, Cozaar generic has been used successfully to prevent strokes. Its success at preventing strokes is due to the same mechanisms of action which are responsible for treating high blood pressure, namely its ability to keep veins from narrowing. Further research has also found losartan to be successful in treating kidney disease in those who have type II diabetes. Other research has been done which has further found Cozaar generic to be a cognitive enhancer for those who do not suffer from high-blood pressure. Other ongoing research at the moment is also looking into whether or not losartan could be successful in treating certain kinds of breast cancer.

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