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Cozaar (Losartan) Dosage (50 mg / 100 mg)

The losartan dosage provided for patients will depend on the type of treatment their doctor has diagnosed them with. For people who have high blood pressure they might be prescribed their initial dosage to be taken at a starting point of 50 mgs once per day. However, for those that might be using this drug to help them with perhaps liver health related issues, their doctor might only start them off at 25mg to be taken once per day.

For people who have certain health issues, they might have heard of this certain drug mixed in with hydrochlorothiazide, which many companies have classed as a combination drug. Many times, when people suffer from high blood pressure issues their doctors might consider giving them this particular medication to help them get it more into a stable range of 120/80. Often times, the person can be started out with a very low dosage such as 12.5 mg for the hydrochlorothiazide which is classed as a diuretic.

The Losartan can be sometimes included into this same medication, but it is often referred to as an angiotensin II receptor antagonist. These doses can be increased based upon how well the person reacts to the initial dosages given to them. If the patient tolerates the medication, then it can be increased from anywhere of 3 weeks up to 6 week intervals.

The increments can be given in 25 to 50 mgs in those patients that have in volume repletion. For those that may have intra vascular volume depletion, their dosages should be administered at only half strength levels. For those individuals that have diabetes, they might have what is called diabetic neuropathy.

This is often a complication of diabetes that is caused when the person has uncontrolled high blood sugar. When they visit their doctor, they might be given different strengths of the drug Losartan to help them stabilize their sugar levels back into a normal range. They could be started off with a dosage of 50 mg taken orally once per day like those that have high blood pressure issues.

However, once their blood sugars taper off, their doctors might put them onto certain maintenance doses of 25 mgs. These can be given all the way up to 100 mg levels. Additionally, these are typically divided into 1 or 2 equal doses. The patient should never try to take a doubled amount.

If they miss their scheduled dose, it normally would not be recommended that they take a double dose to make up for it. Often times, the person will be told to skip the missed dose altogether, and take the next prescribed dose at its normal time. It is advisable to consult with your own family doctor should this incident occur while you are taking this certain medication.

Depending on what the person is being treated for will often determine their own particular prescription for the drug. For any individual who might be using this medication for liver health issues, their initial Losartan dosage could be started off at only 25 mgs one time per day. Once their condition stabilizes this can be increased from 25 mgs up to 100 mgs, but the person would need to take this in 1 to 2 divided doses just like a diabetic person would.

Like many drugs on the market, there will always be precautions listed with the usage of the Losartan medication. For patients that might be pregnant or nursing, they might want to discuss other options with their family doctor before taking this particular drug. Furthermore, it will be crucial that every person read all the warnings and possible side effects that might occur while on this medication.

When it comes to the proper Losartan dosage, this can vary based upon what the person is using it for regarding their own health concerns. Nonetheless, taking the time to explore deeper into all the side effects and precautions should be initially done prior to starting the treatment. Finally, consulting with your own health care provider will be essential to ensure that the appropriate dosage is taken for your own health related issues.

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