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What is Concerta?

Concerta medication, or Methylphenidate (Concerta generic name), is used as part of treatment program for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It has been shown to help increase people’s ability to focus and control behavioural problems. Concerta medication can help a person to balance their psychological, educational, and social skills and behaviors to become a better functioning child or adult. The Concerta generic name Methylphenidate, is a mild stimulant that alters the brain chemistry in such a way as to calm and focus the patient. It has also been used to treat narcolepsy.

How to take Concerta medication Orally

The first step that people should always do is to check with their physician and pharmacist before they start taking Concerta (Methylphenidate), especially if it was prescribed without much discussion. A great time to have this discussion is during a refill or doctor checkup. This medication is usually taken once per day in the morning, as taking it at night may lead to trouble sleeping. It is important that the Concerta medication is swallowed whole, as crushing or chewing can release the entire dosage at one time. This sudden rush of the medication can increase the risks of side effects. The most benefit is gained by taking it regularly each day, including the same time of day.

Concerta Dosage, Abuse and Withdrawals

As with most stimulants it is important to keep the dosage and addiction in mind at all times. The Concerta dosage will be regulated by the prescribing physician and it is important to follow their instructions. It is important to discuss any sudden urges to discontinue or increase the dosage as this may cause adverse reactions such as withdrawal. Depending in the dosage and the amount of time that the Concerta medication has been taken, there are serious withdrawal symptoms that could be present, ranging from depression to more serious acute mental imbalances. People also tend to develop tolerances to both Concerta generic name and Concerta medication, and this quandary should be discussed as soon as it is noticed.

Taking any form of medication is usually to provide benefit from an illness or disorder and Concerta can help people to regain their focus and attention. Whether taking Concerta generic name or Concerta brand name medications, it is important to follow the doctor’s orders and discuss any problems or thoughts about the dosage or frequency with them.

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