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Ritalin Abuse and Ritalin Withdrawal

Ritalin is a drug that helps those with ADHD and narcolepsy. When used in the proper way as prescribed by a doctor, it is rare that someone will become addicted to this medication or experience withdrawal symptoms when coming off of it. The problem is that Ritalin abuse is becoming more and more common. Some college students have used this drug to deal with the pressures of cramming for exams. Others have acquired this medication for weight loss purposes because it decreases a person's appetite. Taking this medication without a prescription is dangerous. Addiction can occur quickly resulting in the need for a greater dose to get as high. Overdose is possible and can even result in death.

What if you are a loved one has become addicted to Ritalin? Get help without delay! Some effects of Ritalin abuse can include seizures, extremely high and dangerous body temperatures, as well as heart failure. Since this addiction can be fatal, a person whom has become addicted to Ritalin needs help to break free. Loving support is necessary because ending a Ritalin addiction can be painful and difficult.

What can you expect when trying to break fee from Ritalin abuse? Ritalin withdrawal symptoms will be unpleasant, but they are a necessary part of reclaiming your life from this addiction. You may need someone around to help you cope with things such as insomnia, having little or no energy, and potential heart problems. You may not be the best person to be around during this time, so pick someone patient who loves you. Paranoia, depression, and even suicidal thoughts may accompany withdrawal.

It may be possible to control the withdrawal symptoms to some degree by detoxing in a controlled environment. A rehab center or medical facility may be better equipped to help you cope with the symptoms. Checking yourself into such a facility may help you to get cleaned up faster. So if you are serious about getting free from Ritalin, then you may want to consider professional assistance.

Ritalin abuse is a serious matter, but the majority of those taking Ritalin are doing so legally with a prescription. The drug is helping many with a serious condition to lead a normal life. The key is taking the drug in accord with the directions of a medical doctor. This ensures the proper dosage, thus minimizing any side effects of the drug. Be sure to always take your prescription medications responsibly, and never share them with anyone else.

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