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Concerta Dosage and Overdose

Concerta is a longer acting medication that uses the same generic drug, Methylphenidate, as Ritalin. Although it has been out for several years there are a number of issues surrounding the proper Concerta doses to take and the possibility of Concerta overdose. These issues largely stem from the transition from medications that consist of multiple daily doses, such as Ritalin, to a single dose in Concerta. These mistakes can lead to Concerta overdose, which can have severe negative side effects.

Concerta Doses - One a Day

While Concerta doses are gradually increased during the treatment, the fact that it is taken only once a day is the main factor in most cases of Concerta overdose. For most medications that are similar, the dosage is taken in 3-4 doses spaced over 3-4 hour periods throughout the day, but because of the new delivery system Concerta doses can be taken in one pill that is absorbed gradually throughout the day. The most common Concerta doses include: 18 mg, 27 mg, 36 mg, and 54 mg. And while this may seem high if you are used to taking 5-10 mg of Ritalin or another equivalent medication, you have to take multiple dosages over the day. Store all of this medication at room temperature and away from light and moisture, such as the bathroom.

Concerta Overdose - Transition to One a Day

It is important that if you suspect a Concerta overdose that you contact a poison control center and visit an emergency room immediately. If you have any of the following symptoms that are associated with Concerta overdose seek immediate medical attention: vomiting, unusual agitation, mental confusion, sweating, flushing, uncontrollable muscle twitching, hallucinations, seizures, loss of consciousness. Not seeking medical attention at the first sign of any of these symptoms can be a potentially lethal mistake.

To lessen the chance of accidental Concerta overdose it is important to always take the correct dose and not to share this medication with anyone or use theirs as it may be different. It is also important to keep in mind that not all brands or manufacturers have the same amounts of medication in the pill and the Concerta doses can vary. If you happen to miss taking a dose, and it is not late in the day, take it as soon as you remember. When it is later in the day it is better to just hold off and resume the normal Concerta doses the next day. Do NOT double your dosage the next day to try and catch up.

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