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Concerta Abuse and the subsequent Concerta Withdrawal

Medications such as Concerta have been used effectively in treating attention deficit disorders (ADD) for years, but because of their stimulant properties many people misuse them for non-therapeutic reasons. Concerta abuse can be part of recreational drug use and it is coveted for its potent and fast acting formula. With the higher dosages and unregulated consumption it can lead to dependency and Concerta withdrawal symptoms if the user tries to halt their intake.

Because of the chemical properties of Concerta, it is very similar to amphetamine and cocaine. With its widespread availability because of the vast number of people with ADD and similar disorders, it is experimented with and sought after by many teens and young adults. The Concerta abuse usually stems from the euphoric feeling that is gained by an increase in brain dopamine levels (the chemical associated with pleasure, movement, and attention). When high doses of this medication are used in Concerta abuse this can lead to severe Concerta withdrawal symptoms even with only a few bouts. The other many reasons that people abuse this medication consist of: for a study aid and to increase weight loss.

All routes of taking the medication, outside of the prescribed oral method, are dangerous but people who fall into the Concerta abuse cycle don't realize the risks and side effects that can result from their misuse. Using high doses of Concerta, especially over an extended period of time, can result in side effects such as paranoia, schizophrenia, or psychosis. If persistent Concerta abuse continues the other side effects that they may experience include: hearing voices; hallucinations; urges of self-harm; urges of violence; severe anxiety; mental confusion; grandiosity; and paranoid delusions.

When it is used in an abusive way, or even as prescribed, people can become addicted to the medication and experience withdrawal symptoms; especially if the attempt to stop taking it abruptly. The Concerta withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the amount of the medication that was taken and over what period of time. Generally the Concerta withdrawal symptoms are more severe when the abuse was more severe or extended. These symptoms can include: fatigue; panic attacks; psychosis; irritability; extreme hunger; or depression.

People often mistakenly believe that just because a medication is legal that it is a safer drug to abuse. Concerta abuse leads to addiction which can negatively impact your whole life. As with most addictions, you won’t realize that you have a problem until it is too late, and the longer that you use and abuse it the worse the Concerta withdrawal symptoms will be.

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