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Strattera Dosage

Strattera is a medication classified as a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor used for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Rather than causing the direct release of norepinephrine and dopamine like drugs belonging to the stimulant class of drug do, Strattera increases the concentration of norepinephrine and dopamine by slowing the rate at which the body eliminates these neurotransmitters from the frontal lobe of the brain. The differing in action between Strattera and other ADHD stimulant drugs make Strattera an excellent substitute medication for those who are sensitive to stimulants or cannot tolerate them for other reasons. Strattera comes in a variety of doses as each individual may react differently to the medication at different doses.

Strattera 40 mg

When prescribed Strattera patients are typically started with a dosage of 40mg. At doses of 40mg the likelihood of an adverse reaction developing are drastically reduced. Other side effects such as nausea or stomach pains are likely to be less at this dosage as well. The dosage may be given as a single dosage or it may be divided up into separate doses throughout the day. For smaller children generally a dosage of 40mg is not exceeded for the treatment of ADHD. Adolescents and adults will often be started with dosages of 40mg. The doctor will then watch the patient closely for a few days to determine how much the dosage should be increased or if there are any adverse reactions in the patient to the Strattera. The reason for the extended monitoring of patients when first receiving treatment from Strattera is due to the medications long time frame it can take to have its effects on ADHD become noticeable As it is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor it can take several days before the effects and levels of norepinephrine reach therapeutic levels. There is also an increased risk of side effects developing while waiting for the medication to begin working that may result from imbalances in neurotransmitters.

Strattera 80 mg

Once a patient has successfully adjusted to a 40mg dose of Strattera they will typically be moved up to a dose of 80mg. 80mg is the usual target dose for therapeutic treatment in adults and adolescents. While adjusting from 40mg doses to 80mg doses there is the possibility of unpleasant side effects developing. Any unpleasant side effects experienced at this time should subside once the medication has reached equilibrium with your body. This can take up to a few days. The dosage of 80mg may be taken as a single dose in the morning or it can be divided evenly between the morning and the evening. It can be taken on an empty or a full stomach, though those with sensitive stomachs may prefer to take it with their meals.

Strattera Dosing

Strattera should be taken on the dosing schedule recommended by your doctor. If a dosage is missed it should not be doubled next time you take the medication to make up for the missed dose. This can result in an overdose reaction to the medication. Strattera capsules should also not be emptied and taken that way rather they should be taken as a whole capsule. Tampering with the capsules can effect the manner in which they are absorbed.

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