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Prilosec (Omeprazole) Side Effects

Taking any medication has the potential of interacting differently with your body and causing unintended side effects. The side effects of omeprazole can range, as most medications do, from mild to severe, even life threatening if you are allergic to one of the ingredients. While there are a few different forms of omeprazole, the Prilosec OTC side effects are very similar to the regular or generic Prilosec side effects. Consulting with your physician before taking any medications to make sure that they are right for you is always the best way to minimize the side effects of Prilosec and medications. Discussing the Prilosec side effects with your physician and pharmacist will give you the peace of mind that it is the right medication for you and an idea of what symptoms to watch out for.

Common mild side effects of omeprazole

For most of the mild omeprazole side effects, it is best to record their severity and duration and then discuss this with your doctor. They may need to adjust the dosage, and having this information will make sure that they can correct the amount that you are receiving so that the Prilosec side effects will be minimized while maintaining the intended benefits. The common side effects of Prilosec include but are not limited to: fever; flu and cold like symptoms, mild vomiting or diarrhea, and mild headache. While none of these symptoms are life threatening on their own, if they persist or worsen over time it is best to talk to your physician right away.

Serious side effects of omeprazole and allergic reactions

As with any medication or food, there are a small number of people that are allergic to the ingredients. Allergic reactions to medications can be life threatening and it is important to seek immediate medical attention if you feel or see someone with these signs of an allergic reaction: hives, sudden onset of a rash, difficulty breathing, and/or swelling in or around the mouth and face. Beyond the possible allergic reaction, there are a number of severe Prilosec side effects to be aware of including: bloody diarrhea, mental confusion, irregular heart rate, unaccountable muscle fatigue, tightness in the throat, and/or convulsions. While this is not a complete list of all of the possible omeprazole side effects, if you or anyone you know experiences any of these symptoms it is important to get emergency medical attention right away.

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