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Prilosec (Omeprazole) Dosage: 20 mg, 40 mg

Whenever you are prescribed any medication, it is prudent that you follow the directions exactly as the doctor and pharmacist have directed so that you can reduce the side effects while increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. The following information regarding omeprazole dosage amounts is to be used for reference only and you should never alter your medication based off of information that you read, without speaking to your physician first. By adjusting your own medication, you are putting yourself at higher risk for omeprazole overdose and increasing the severity of the side effects. The correct Prilosec dosage for your individual needs may be different from the normal treatment amounts and only through trial and monitoring, with professional medical supervision, can this amount be determined.

Treating most disorders with the correct omeprazole dosage requires a constant adjustment until the optimal amount is found. Most people get started with either two omeprazole 20 mg tablets, or a single omeprazole 40 mg. Often this amount is enough or even too much, and the doctor will be monitoring your progress to ensure that you are not suffering through side effects unnecessarily. For minor gastrointestinal disorders, a once daily omeprazole 20 mg tablet before meals is often enough to manage the symptoms and give your stomach and esophagus time to heal. Finding the correct Prilosec dosage is not always an easy endeavour, but by discussing all of the side effects of the dose and adjusting the amount with them, you can have relief from all of the symptoms and allow your body to heal optimally.

Taking the correct omeprazole dosage at the same time every day will make sure that your body can adapt appropriately, independent of the fact that you may be taking a single omeprazole 40mg tablets, or multiple omeprazole 20mg tablets. If you happen to miss a regularly scheduled dose, you should either take it as soon as you remember (if it is still within a few hours of the scheduled time), or skip that Prilosec dosage completely (resuming with the next scheduled dose). If you consume an omeprazole overdose amount by accident, it is important to seek emergency medical help and call poison control right away. While the omeprazole dosage amount that you are prescribed may be perfectly safe for your body, you should never share your prescribed medication with anyone else, as you can never predict their omeprazole overdose amount. Talk with your doctor and pharmacist to ensure that Prilosec is the best medication for you.

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