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Adderall Side Effects

Most medications can cause some sort of side effects. A side effect is generally defined as an undesired response, often painful, to the medication when it is consumed at the prescribed dose. There are mild, severe, acute, or even long term effects of Adderall. The long term effects of Adderall, as well as the whole list of side effects, are not experienced by everyone but it important to keep an eye on them to reduce the negative health impact if they occur. If you are concerned with the Adderall side effects in men or women specifically, it is a good idea to discuss the risk and rewards of taking this medication with your physician.

Although it is rare for Adderall side effect in women to be more severe it is important to key an eye out for any of the following common side effects. Most of these side effects are acute and can be less severe, but it is important to seek medical attention if the symptoms get worse or they persist for longer than a couple days. Common side effects of Adderall include: diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, heartburn, infections, loss of appetite, mood swings, nausea, anxiety, stomach pain, insomnia, vomiting, and unintended weight loss. More serious side effects of Adderall that should be met with immediate medical professional notification include: aggressive behaviour, extreme agitation, intense anxiety, seizures, irregular heart-beat, fever, severe headache, increased blood pressure, increased sun sensitivity, depression, shortness of breath, prolonged dizziness, and/or uncontrollable tics. While this is not an exhaustive list of all of the side effects of Adderall, when it doubt seek emergency medical attention.

Long term effects of Adderall

The long term effects of Adderall are not all bad, as for most people they work as intended; when taken as directed. Increased focus, attention, and motivation, are three of these effects that Adderall can provide as a long term effect. But there are also negative effects that can be witness of the heart (increasing blood pressure), increase in free radicals in the brain, and unwanted weight loss (sometimes bringing people well below a healthy level). The long term effects of Adderall, can be a benefit for more people that cannot focus, but there are serious health complications and side effects to watch out for. Weighing the risk and reward of consuming any medication is an important discussion that you have to have with your physician. Let them know your concerns and listen to their professional opinion; or at the very least get a second opinion.

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