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Adderall and Alcohol

It is frequently the case that medicines and alcohol should not be mixed. What about Adderall? Is mixing Adderall and alcohol safe? Why may this be a common practice? What dangers should you be aware of? Read on to learn more about alcohol and Adderall use, and how you can protect yourself and others from harm.

Let's begin with the short answer. It's really not a good idea to mix Adderall with alcohol. You can ask your doctor about it, but they will likely tell you the same thing. In fact, a person who has dealt with alcohol addiction in the past will be unlikely to receive an Adderall prescription because of the risk of dependency. So why do some try to mix Adderall with alcohol?

You have to remember that not everyone is on this drug legally. It has become popular for college students to use Adderall as a focusing agent to be more productive. Then they still want to be able to party later. Unfortunately, that can be a real danger as we will discuss in a moment. Another problem is that those who become dependent an Adderall may begin to have difficulty falling asleep. In this case, they may feel that alcohol will assist them in winding down from an Adderall high. What warnings should Adderall users take note of if they intend to drink?

A major problem is that Adderall can make you believe that you are handling the liquor much better than you actually are. Since your mind is hyper focused, you won't feel the cloudy buzz effect come on as quickly. This, however, does not mean that there is less alcohol in your system. Alcohol poisoning becomes a real danger since a person is less likely to know when they have had enough. It may also embolden someone to attempt drive, since they do not realize just how intoxicated they are. Focused or not, reflexes will still be significantly slower. The result can be a deadly accident.

Either way you look at it, mixing Adderall and alcohol is very dangerous and can potential result in death due to blood alcohol poisoning or a traffic accident. Be safe! Only take prescription medications for their intended purpose and in the way prescribed to you by a medical professional. Adderall is just designed for those who are dealing with ADHD and should only be acquired through legal means.

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