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Vyvanse side-effects in adults and children

Vyvanse is an inactive amphetamine that is converted to its active form within the body. Once activated, it helps manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This clinical application of Vyvanse is utilised both in children and adults. It is therefore not uncommon to see side-effects in both these groups. In this article, we shall take a brief look at the various side-effects that are seen with Vyvanse in both children and adults.

Side-effect profile

The side-effects listed below are often seen in children but can also be seen in young adults being treatment for ADHD with Vyvanse.

Gastrointestinal side-effects

Patients may experience pain in the upper abdomen with associated nausea and vomiting. Long-term use can also cause dry mouth and a funny taste in the mouth. The change in bowel habits may be noticed and patients can complain of either diarrhoea or constipation.

Neurological side-effects

The side-effects on the nervous system of the body include difficulty sleeping, dizziness and occasionally excessive sleeping as well. Some patients have noticed abnormal movements of their hands and in the rare cases of seizures as well. Given the abuse potential of Vyvanse, patients who accidentally or deliberately overdose can develop psychotic side-effects that include hallucinations and aggressive behaviour.

Weight loss

Weight loss has also been noted as a side-effect of Vyvanse. In fact, some patients believe using Vyvanse can help reduce weight as a primary effect but it must be borne in mind that this is not an FDA approved indications for using Vyvanse.

Dermatological side-effects

There are reports of a skin rash following the use of Vyvanse. Rare skin conditions include Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Allergic reactions such as angioedema have also been reported.

Cardiovascular side-effects

Patients who take Vyvanse report palpitations and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Care must be taken when prescribing these drugs in patients who have a background history of heart disease as Vyvanse can cause heart attacks and even sudden death.

Altered sexual function

Rarely, adult patients who take Vyvanse report a loss of libido and difficulty in achieving and sustaining an erection (erectile dysfunction).

It appears that there are a fair few number of side-effects associated with the use of Vyvanse. However, it is important to bear in mind that when Vyvanse prescribed, it is done so as the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks. It is therefore strongly recommended that these drugs are taken only on prescription as side-effects can then be monitored and treatments be offered as soon as possible.

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