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Tramadol Dosage (Tramadol 50 mg)

Tramadol is a narcotic pain reliever that is similar to morphine, but is not technically an opiate. With the appropriate tramadol dose, it can affect your brain chemistry to decrease the way that you feel moderate to severe pain. It is important to take the dose as directed and report any symptoms of addiction or dependence to your physician as soon as they are noticed - as there is the possibility of tramadol being abused. The side effects of taking regular tramadol dosage are mild and usually not dangerous, but it is important to keep in mind that abusing the prescribed tramadol dose can result in convulsions or even death.

The common forms that tramadol (Ultram) dosage is delivered include: Ultram 50mg or generic tramadol 50mg (immediate release), tramadol 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg (as extended release tablets). While everyone has individual needs and will need the guidance of a physician to adjust the tramadol dosage amounts correctly, most people start with 2x tramadol 50mg, every 4 to 6 hours as needed. The maximum recommended tramadol dose is 400mg in a 24 hour cycle. Often doctors will encourage a gradual tolerance building of the medication by splitting the Ultram 50mg tablets in half (25mg doses) that are taken 4 times daily. It is important to consume the extended release tablets (tramadol 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg) whole and not to crush or chew them, as this will disrupt their slow release and may cause an overdose. Take as prescribed and don’t try to adjust the amount of medication that you are taking without heeding professional medical opinion.

Taking your tramadol dosage with or without meals is a personal preference, and discussing this and all of your other options for medication with your physician and pharmacist will allow you to find a tramadol dose, or even another pain reliever, that is right for you. You may start out taking the tramadol 50mg and splitting them in half, or you may be given the tramadol 100mg tablets for a consistency in your own pain relief. Often you will need to adjust your medication amounts and even types several times before you find something that is just what you need. You can accelerate this process by taking notes and discussing this information with your doctor. The faster that you can find the tramadol dosage that works for you, the faster your pain will be a thing of the past.

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