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Prozac and Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Prozac weight gain or Prozac weight loss are very common side effects that are witnessed in up to 25% of patients who are prescribed a treatment program with this very effect antidepressant medication. Prozac is not unlike other forms of psychotropic drugs. They all have a tendency for side effects that include fluctuations in weight, but Prozac is considered to have far less widespread effects. This is typically only seen in patients with prolonged usage.

Prozac (fluoxetine) is most commonly known for the treatment of depression, but it is also useful in treating other ailments such as obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and even bulimia. It regulates the serotonin levels in the brain which helps to stabilize mood swings, decrease fears and phobias, and manage all sorts of emotional conditions.

It makes sense that the opportunity for Prozac weight loss or weight gain exists. Although a physical or chemical reaction within the body is not entirely proven as a reason for these fluctuations to occur, it is most often thought that one’s eating habits are very often associated with mood. This is where the terms “emotional eater” and “stress eater” get their names.

As our moods and emotions are being stabilized through this antidepressant treatment, our eating patterns may fluctuate in accordance to our new mood alterations. When patients first begin to witness Prozac weight gain, their immediate reaction is to curtail their use of the drug altogether. Talk to your prescribing physician before you make any rash judgments. Stopping the treatment plan too quickly can result in very severe withdrawal symptoms.

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