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Prozac and Pregnancy

Taking any antidepressants, such as Prozac (fluoxetine), during pregnancy may cause health complications, but so could stopping the treatment; especially abruptly. It is important, therefore, to discuss the different treatment options with your physician as soon as you realize that you are pregnant. Most people don’t think about Prozac pregnancy medications and their negative interactions with the healthy development of the baby until after they become pregnant. However, if you are taking any sort of antidepressant and there is a possibility of getting pregnant, you should discuss Prozac and pregnancy with your doctor before it occurs so that you can take any precautionary actions to ensure the health of your body.

As antidepressants affect brain chemistry and hormones, when you become pregnant there is an increased chance of interacting negatively with the pregnancy hormones and your overall health. Depending on your individual reaction to the medication and pregnancy in general taking Prozac during pregnancy can be a benefit or cause severe side effects, and the only way to make sure that you are being as safe as possible, and minimizing these effects is to discuss what you are experiencing with your physician. Treatment of the depression is essential, but the health of your body and new baby can sometimes make the option of taking Prozac pregnancy medication a non-viable option.

It is important to realize that there are virtually no medications that have no side effects and that are completely safe to take during pregnancy, but talking with your doctor to weigh the risks and potential benefits of Prozac and pregnancy will ensure that you are making an informed decision. Always defer to their professional opinion and do not obtain or take any medication without a prescription, especially when pregnant, or if you may become pregnant. Everyone’s body reacts differently and overall the risks for birth defects and complications when taking Prozac during pregnancy is fairly low, but it is always best to be on the safer side.

If you are considering stopping or switching medications, such as Prozac, during pregnancy it is very important that you discuss the logistics with your physician, as any change in dosage could trigger withdrawal symptoms or depressive relapse. Often the risks of withdrawal symptoms outweigh the benefits of stopping or changing medications, but this is not a determination that you should be making by yourself. Any changes in your dosage of Prozac pregnancy medication, or switching to a new medication can introduce a whole new set of possible drug interactions, therefore the decision should not be made lightly. Whenever you are taking any medication, such as Prozac, during pregnancy you have to think about the impact on two lives, instead of just your own.

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