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Prozac for Dogs and Cats

Just as people get depressed and anxious so do your beloved pets. When this happens there are a number of different treatment options including getting antidepressant medication such as Prozac for dogs and cats, to help them cope.

Prozac, for cats and dogs, is one of the brand names for the drug called Fluoxetine, which belongs to a group of drugs referred to as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Fluoxetine for dogs and cats requires a professional diagnosis and prescription, and you should never give any medication to your pets that is not specifically prescribed to them.

Fluoxetine for cats and dogs has many benefits and is part of many good treatment programs. Some of the most notable benefits when using Prozac for cats and dogs includes: helping to cope with obsessive compulsive behaviours such as tail chasing or constant licking; helping to decrease the depressive tendencies of your pets; and being an easy solution to administer, with great results.

The chemical reaction fluoxetine for dogs and cats is similar to its effect on humans, as it affects the brain chemistry in a way that it shores up any imbalances that lead to depression, anxiety, and/or obsessive compulsive disorders. It is very important that you are mindful of not mixing medications of Prozac for dogs and cats without discussing this first with a veterinarian. Even mixing a simple pain medication with the Prozac for cats or dogs can lead to interactions that cause severe side effects. It is prudent to keep an eye on your pets after changing or adding any medication to make sure that they don't exhibit any allergic symptoms or other severe side effects. If you are unsure at any time, stop giving your pet the medication and seek veterinary assistance.

Some of the symptoms and side effects to watch out for when giving them fluoxetine for cats or dogs include: mood swings, increased anxiety, insomnia, more intense aggressive behavior, and/or unusual hyperactivity. Talking to the veterinarian about any concerns that you have will help to make sure that this type of medication is the best solution for your pets. If at any time during the treatment and administration of fluoxetine for dogs and cats, your pet becomes pregnant it is very important that you discuss the benefits and side effects with your veterinarian right away, as this medication can cause complications in pregnancy.

Prozac for dogs and cats can give your pets the relief from the aforementioned illnesses and disorders, but as with any treatment options there are plenty of things to consider. Talk with your veterinarian to make sure that Prozac for cats or dogs is the correct treatment option for your unique pet’s situation.

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