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Pradaxa Dosing (75 mg / 150 mg)

Pradaxa is an anticoagulant drug from the class of drugs known as thrombin inhibitors. It is most often used to prevent or treat strokes. It has also been shown to be effective when used as an anticoagulant post surgery to prevent blood clots in patients who have had their hip or knee replaced. Its main side effects are an increase in the likelihood of excessive bleeding developing after a minor injury. Due to the way in can affect individuals at different doses as well as its specific effects at varying doses, Pradaxa dosage is prescribed in a variety of increments.

Pradaxa 150 mg

Pradaxa is prescribed for stroke prevention at two doses of 150mg daily for a total of 300mg. At this dosage, it is usually prescribed long-term and has been found to be safe for long-term usage. However, there have not been any studies with conclusive evidence as to what the side effects may be when taken at this dosage for longer than two years. As this is the highest dosage commonly prescribed for Pradaxa, it is important that patients receiving these dosages be extra careful and diligent in preventing cutting and other such skin trauma as the blood will have trouble clotting and may lead to excessive bleeding. For this reason it is not recommended that those who already bleed easily or who are older than 80 take this dosage of Pradaxa. It is also not recommended to take this high of a dose of Pradaxa if you’re already taking the medication Verapamil which is used to treat irregular heart rhythm.

Pradaxa 110 mg

Pradaxa is also prescribed in 110mg capsules. This dosage is most common for those who have undergone a knee or hip replacement surgery. One 110mg capsule is taken after the surgery with the patient continuing to take two capsules once daily for a total of 220mg up to a month after the surgery. This dosage has been found to be extremely effective in reducing the likelihood of blood clots developing in leg veins due to the surgery. One study with Pradaxa in dosages of 110mg and 150mg taken twice daily found dosages of 150mg to be superior in treating strokes while dosages of 110mg have the advantage of not posing as large of a risk of excessive bleeding as dosages of 150mg. When taking Pradaxa in dosages of 110mg the patient does not have to worry as much about excessive bleeding occurring, but should still be careful to avoid breaking or cutting their skin.

Pradaxa 75 mg

Pradaxa is prescribed in doses of 75mg as well. This is most often taken in two doses for a total of 150mg a day. Pradaxa 75mg is recommended for those with severe renal deficiency. This dosage helps to eliminate harmful side effects that these patients would experience with higher doses of Pradaxa. This lower dosage is often prescribed to more elderly patients and those who are prone to bleeding already. This dosage is the safest of all three commonly prescribed dosages, but it is also the most limited in its anticoagulant effects.

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