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Valium and Alcohol (Diazepam)

Taking any prescription medications and mixing them with other drugs, such as the diazepam and alcohol combination, can have severe negative health effects. By mixing Valium and alcohol you could be putting yourself at risk for a range of negative side effects, increased addiction and/or withdrawal effects, as well as increasing the chance of accidental Valium overdose. As Valium is usually a short term treatment method, it is best to avoid the diazepam and alcohol combination, while you are taking it and save the drinking until you are not taking an addictive medication with sedative effects. Mixing Valium and alcohol can be a lethal combination that leads to respiratory arrest and/or irreversible liver damage. Consult with your physician or pharmacist before mixing any medications such as diazepam and alcohol, or simply avoid the complications and don’t drink while you are taking this medication.

Serious side effects of Valium and alcohol

The side effects of combining diazepam and alcohol can result in severe health complications such as respiratory arrest, liver damage, and/or your central nervous system- responsible for coordination, balance, and changes in personality. The combination of Valium and alcohol can lead to respiratory arrest, as the drugs amplify the physical depression of the body and overpower the automatic bodily functions such as breathing or heart rate. This negative synergistic effect can cause asphyxiation, heart attack, or coma. The filtering of both Valium and alcohol is processed in the liver, which can put undue stress on the liver and cause liver disease or liver failure. Finally, this deadly combination can exacerbate the drowsiness and mental confusion side effects of both drugs and lead to making bad decisions and/or acting in a manner that is outside of the person’s normal character.

Beyond the immediate negative side effects that can be noticed when combining diazepam and alcohol, there are lasting effects that can be seen in the liver and/or brain damage that may result. By staying away from alcohol while you are on Valium and other similar medications, you can easily and effectively, eliminate this problem. If you or anyone that you know have mixed Valium and alcohol, seek medical attention as soon as possible so that you can lessen the long term damage that is caused. It is never good to mix medications when they have the possibility of interacting, and combining diazepam and alcohol could be a lethal choice.

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