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Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms

Paxil, or paroxetine hcl, is an antidepressant medication that is used for a wide variety of social anxiety disorders, but the patient can exhibit some uncomfortable Paxil withdrawal symptoms it taken off of the medication too quickly. For this reason, the prescribing physician will design a method of gradual reduction of the medication's dosage over a short period of time to reduce the possibilities of these negative effects.

Why do Paxil withdrawal symptoms occur? Paxil is prescribed in part because of the brain's inability to produce effective levels of certain mood stabilizing chemicals, namely serotonin. During the treatment program where Paxil is ingested by the patient on a daily basis, the body becomes dependent on the paroxetine hcl to assist in the making of these brain chemicals. By decreasing the dosage gradually over time, the brain has a chance to regulate its production in accordance. When this does not occur, negative Paxil withdrawal symptoms are more likely.

How severe are the withdrawal symptoms? The severity of withdrawal symptoms will be partially dependent upon the patient's individual medical history and unique medical condition. Paxil withdrawal symptoms can be exhibited even when the medication is progressively decreased over time, but the effects are considerably less severe.

Once the Paxil treatment program begins to take effect, some patients begin to feel much better rather quickly. As they begin to feel better, they sometimes begin to believe that the medication is no longer necessary. This leads them to stopping the medication abruptly, against the advice of the prescribing physician. Paxil withdrawal symptoms almost immediately develop, which can set back the overall progress of the treatment program, and these side effects can be alarmingly severe in many cases.

These are some possible side effects that could occur in patients who stop taking the Paxil medication: hallucinations; suicidal thoughts; seizures; disorientation; blurred vision; racing heartbeat; nausea; vomiting; ringing of the ears; irritability; panic attacks; moodiness; fever and chills; numbness in the extremities; nightmares and sleep disorders; constipation; diarrhea; night sweats; headache; cramping; fatigue; dry mouth syndrome; loss of libido; fainting.

How long do symptoms last? Even when the patient's dosage is gradually decreased, some of these side effects may occur. These Paxil withdrawal symptoms may last for up to two weeks after treatment has stopped or up to 1 month from the time that the medication has begun to be reduced. It is always recommended to keep the prescribing physician informed of all withdrawals symptoms.

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I started paxil many years ago, now age 76. First doctor prescribed 10 mg, then increased to 20. Then new doctor 30 mg, then 40 mg and finally 50 mg. Do these doctors know what they are doing or are they just pushing their patients off trying to get rid of them? I stopped completely around Jan 2014 but I am now having my problems. Aside from feeling "haywire" and a short temper, not treating my loving wife as well as I should, I now have a major constipation problem. I believe 100% this problem is related to Paxil withdrawal. Now Kaiser wants to do a colonoscopy on me and I am fighting this. Been taking Dulcolax laxatives for a couple of weeks but getting stomachs from this medication and I still cannot get regular. I need help! Anyone have any good suggestions?

I bought a nutri bullet and have been having fruit and veggie shakes for breakfast every morning. I feel good and am easily healthily and naturally cleaning out. You don't need to take anything.

Hi Ron; The best treatment for constipation I've found is eating Chia seeds. (you can buy them at Costco and bulk food stores). Everymorning I mix about 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds into a bowl of my favorite yogurt and that's my breakfast. Google the 'benefits of chia seeds' and you see just how good they are for you. They really are a super food and among all the other benefits, they'll keep your colon flowing in a heathy manner.

Hi Ron when taking Chia seeds for constipation it is imperitive to havelots of water.they swell up to 10 times their size. I was advised by my pysio therapist to .put 3-4 tablspoons of seeds in a container fill with boiling water and loosen any clumps . I add a teaspoon of honey for taste.keep in . refrigetator when cool.

Take two 2 tablespoons of soaked Chia seed at some time of the day when you are NOT eating. Swallow a large glass of water right after. The water intake very important otherwise seeds will absorb the moisture in your bowel which will increase constipation hope this helps

I'm almost envious ur constipated. I have the runs and have not yet found how to stop them. I eat bread and drink water, eat rice and pasta, but I think that makes things worse because the runs start all over again accompanied by dreadful sweats, nausea and dry mouth while needing to spit. I saw a site with a video by a man in Halifax who says withdrawal from Paxil may be worse than from heroin. He also says it takes 2 - 8 weeks to a return to independence fromthe drug. I'm 72 and have been on Paxil for 20 years. I'm gratefulthat it exists. It got my mood stabilized in an unhealthy environment and allowed me to return to reason (which facilitated my escape before almost certainly being killed). But it is a real stinker to get off of. Healthy "cures" for constipation ate carrots (also good for the runs) and apples and walking a lot. I wish you all the luck.

I'm 65 and I took Paxil for 10 years (20mg). I discontinued (tapering) in September of 2012 and I'm still experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. It's truly ghastly but gradually getting better. My own main worry was losing IQ points. I have a Ph.D. in psychology, thank God, so I know I'm not crazy. When I first began the symptoms I found a wonderful website which I visited which helped me tremendously. It made me know I wasn't alone. I tried to go back but it no longer exists. That's why I'm reaching out to you. Payback. If I can help I will be here for you. BTW, my physician refused to go beyond 20 mg as he said it would make the symptoms worse. I think you got some very bad medical advice. I've learned with advancing years that much medical advice is bad. Again, best of luck and hang in there. Janet

I started taking paroxetine Oct.2013 10 mgs. 2wks. then 20 mgs.developed light sensitivity & excessive blinking.Anybody else have this?having difficulty quitting-irritable-fatigue.also!

I've been taking Paxil every day for close to 10 years now. Recently, due to financial problems, I had to quit the drug cold turkey. I was taking the highest recommended dosage for someone of my age and weight, 50mg once daily.

I never intended to quit for good...but now, after about 2 weeks without Paxil, I've decided it's time to do JUST that! Not only had I been suffering from clinical depression my entire life (along with Bi-polar II, OCD, ADHD and anxiety issues), I lost my wife of close to 40 years to cancer almost a year ago. I've never cried so much in my life! Also, the drug NEVER quashed my thoughts of suicide (which had worsened over the past few months) I figured quitting wouldn't have a marked effect on that (i.e. actually going through with it). It hasn't...thank goodness!

It took about 3-4 days without Paxil to start feeling the effects. The first week was excruciating! Yes, flu-like symptoms abound...chills, sweats, and worst of all, that feeling I can only describe as 'brain zaps'. It's a feeling of electricity that pulses through your head like a hive of angry bees. All I could think about, was when I could be able to afford my prescription that had been waiting for me in the WalMart pharmacy.

Initially, the 'zaps' seemed to be going on 24/7. With every movement I made, my head felt like the hive had been shaken...and the bees let out a jolting feeling inside my head that can be felt AND HEARD! My depression worsened, and my emotions seemed uncontrollable and strange. I'd be laughing at something one second...which, even during my laughter, would quickly turn into uncontrollable weeping. I dealt with (and still deal with) the emotional rollercoaster, but it's those annoying 'zaps' that seem to bother me the most. Some got so bad they would make me dizzy, and made me afraid to stand up for fear of passing out. During the first week my only relief was to cover myself up in bed and try to sleep. I also noticed my sleep patterns starting to change. I had very strange dreams that had me waking up and shaking my head, wondering why I would have such a strange dream. Not quite nightmares, just absurd scenarios. I felt like I was in a permanent state of confusion, and had trouble gathering my thoughts. I don't think I would have been able to write this just post just one week ago. Old Ron, I like your comment using the word "haywire"...that's a good way of putting it! As far as being "short-tempered", I've been staying away from the relatives I share my house with, at times, because of my irritability. I never noticed a constipation problem, however, and wish you luck with that.

After around 2 weeks the 'zaps' seem to come less frequently, and may have become less powerful. I feel them the most when I first wake up, and being a cigarette smoker, still hit me hard after and during a smoke. I'm no doctor, but I presume this to be happening due to a possible rush of Seratonin from the nicotine. In response to Joanne's post above, I DO believe the drug also had an effect on my eyes. My vision seemed to be getting worse, and my eyes would ache frequently at work, which I attributed to the computer monitor which always seemed too bright!

It was only just a couple of days ago that I've decided to stay off the drug for good. I'm concerned I may have damaged my brain synapses due to the Paxil, similar to the effects of brain damage from the use of crack cocaine and other substances that overload the Seratonin distribution process. I've vowed to deal with the depression I've experienced without the need to rely on Paxil. I'm not fond of the fact that doctors prescribe this, and similar drugs, without following up with a need for psychiatric sessions or group therapy. It also bothers me that MDs (NOT psychiatrists) who are not familiar with the long-term effects of this drug, can prescribe it without a single thought of a goal for cessation. It was my presumption that I would be a slave to this drug for as long as I'd live.

Going off Paxil cold turkey, especially the high daily dose I was on, is NOT recommended. I literally had no choice in the matter. However, since finding some relief after a couple of weeks without...I'm starting to believe it to be necessary for MY mental health. This is just one person's story regarding the use of Paxil, and I believe everyone should take the necessary precautions before attempting to quit the drug. What might possibly be the best decision I've ever made, might not be yours. If you DO decide to quit like I did, please consider the consequences. I realize the ride is still probably not over for me, as it hasn't been that long since I've been off the drug. I've heard that the 'zaps' can continue for months. But, there's a small spark of confidence I feel now...telling me I will eventually be OK. That's what keeps me thinking positively about my decision.

Good Luck,


I have been off of a 50mg per day dosage for a week and a half now...You couldnt have put into words what I am going thru and thinking any better than you just did...I cried (of course, lol) several time re-reading this and sending it to my wife to understand what im going thru.

Thank you. I vow to stick it out as well as far as withdrawals, and fight depression with all I have!

Paul, I hope you are doing better now. I am just going off Paxil myself. Thanks for sharing your story. God bless.

Had the "zaps" you are describing BEFORE I went on 10 mg Paxil. If I forget to take a dose, the next day the zaps are back. So, the Paxil helped me!

Im 21 yrs old Ive been taking paxil for about 3 months now ,i missed 1 day of my 20 mg dose

And suddenly often would feel as if i couldn't breath ,or take a deep breath

Has anyone else had this sort of side effect??

I have the feeling of not being able to breath and pain and tightness in my throat and chest which I believe is due to paxil withdrawal. It's horrible.

I myself decided to stop taking Paxil after 8 years and the withdrawal process for me is horrible. The dizziness, and feeling like I'm going to pass out sitting or standing and this zapping feeling I get in my head is really making me feel like the drug has done damage to me. It's only been for days now without any medication and I'm praying this doesn't last long. This is the worst experience of my life.

I have been off paxil for about a month now. At first I had terrible nausea and flu like symptoms but now I'm anxious, can't sleep, nightmares and delusions. Anyone else have these symptoms? In my opinion paxil should not be prescribed to anyone.

I just started taking Paxil 10mg, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to take it for a week. I am anxious, feel like I have the flu and can't stop crying. I got desperate, because just a month ago, my psych meds got taken away while I was in hospital for unrelated circumstances and had the worst withdrawal ever. I later found out that i could have had a seizure or worse. so, this prompted me to call for emergency help eventually, as I couldn't stand it anymore. This medication is dangerous, and I will certainly be having "words" with my provider when they can "fit me in to their schedule" next time. Had I known how bad this medication is, I would have refused it.

helo ,my name is mo,im currently 29 been on paxil 20mg and diazapam 5mg for about 3 years,its 3 weeks now that im clean ,not easy at all,i have dis feeling of insanity hitting me hard,but i do believe i cn do it, will feel beter,god is great,my advise to all of you is dont be fooled dis medication is by far very scary and sickening and the dortors who prescribe it they should probly take the medication 1st before prescribing it,im gna give it my all to keep away from the medication,and i pray for all of yourl dat god heals our pain.

Thanks paul I really needed to hear your story I am experiencing the same withdraw I thought I was all alone. I had a fear that people thought I was going crazy by telling what was going thru my head.

@dorthy u r not alone I have the confusion scared to go to sleep, negative thoughts I'm running to the hospital back and forth telling them something is wrong with me cause what I am feeling in my brains scared that they may have me committed thinking that I am crazy but they are not inside my body to know what I am feeling I can't wait to overcome this

I've been thinking about going off Paxil for a year now and finally am taking the plunge. At this moment, for the first time in 10 years, I'm trying to go off Paxil. My life, 10 years ago, was very difficult and sad that my physician highly recommended this drug. I have to say, it changed my life, for the better. I believe it saved my life! I didn't have the feeling of depression but the anxiety was debilitating. For 10 year, I've been at 20mg. I've decreased my dosage to 10 mg, two weeks ago. Today, as I type, I'm on 5mg. A week ago I started experiencing "The" side effects from the decrease. There is no other word to describe what I am going through but it SUCKS. Brain cloudiness, zapping, very vivid dreams, dizziness. I've never had vertigo but pretty sure I know exactly what it feels like!

I want to thank everyone on this forum because if it wasn't for reading your testimonials, I'd be thinking there was something truly wrong with me.

It's hell but I'm so determined to make this happen.

Life, for me, is 100% better from 10 years ago and this is my reasoning for finally going off this drug.

I wish everyone good success on making Paxil a thing of the past.


I took 20 mg paxil for 10 yrs, life was out of control at that time and I was starting menopause...well life is great for over 8 yrs now and I was scared to get off you know your body stores sugar when on this drug?? after gaining like 40 lbs in 10yrs from this drug and not wanting to make health worse, I finally bit the bullet and started tapering. probably goofed but went from 20 mg to 10, was having the weirds and lots of zapping ( yes you can HEAR the damn zaps). but after 9 days I was feeling great. ok so now what,do I try 5? that was AWFUL took 5 mg for 1 1/2 wks felt like I went cold turkey,,zaps,chills,hot,diarreha,sic to stomach,felt like out of body. kept with it tho, a good nights sleep seemed to help a little..4 days stopped all together,,symptoms same as when on 5mg today is really bad but yesterday wasn't bad at all. see what tomorrow brings. I WANTOFF THIS..

I've been on paxil for 16 yrs now at a 10 mg dose. I've been tapering down gradually over the past 4 was. I'm having trouble staying asleep,vivid dreams,pounding heart,sinus congestion and mood swings of irritability. I will NEVER take paxil again. I have yet to completely stop...I'm down to an 1/8 of a pill and am hangin in there. No electric shocks...yet. I've gone off Paxil before and had hideous Zaps and crazy thoughts and went back on it . My Doctors keep suggesting I up my dose for yrs,but I always said no. I feel for alllll of you coming off this poisoness drug. It should be banned and never given to another human being AGAIN !! I'm scared to stop that 1/8 of a pill :(( especially after reading all your stories. I hope for a miracle when I finally stop taking it.

You are doing great I am in a similiar place I have been cutting down gradually .05. Mg at a time .I was on 60mg perday now down to 10mg.

Thelastbitis hardest i think. if I miss a dose I am antsy all night . Up one end of the bed then down the other so iget up

At 1/8th i suggest you stretch out the days. Evey 2 days then every three days till finally you dont need thats what Iam going to do. I had to changto the generic brand last week iam so itchy all over my body and nausea SoI will be stopping thisby.5 mg .tonight DR says it takes 3 days tto get out of your system and aa few weeksto be clear with ssymptons off depresson. I STARTED Paxil 20 yraho after baack injury changed my life causing PTSD

I am in abetter place now so feel i am ready to berid of the drug forever. It has caused many zsideeffects over the . years SO WIsh me good luck. YOU BEST WISHES TOO ALL HAVE POSTED ON THIS SITE

I took it for 15 yrs. have been a type 1 diabetic for 25 yrs was prescribed Paxil for panic disorder and was amazed at how it helped me. Then it began making me sick. Started investigating and realized that medications only raise acidity in the body and dump toxins into organs that aren't easily removed. I quit after a whole year of strict nutritional cleansing and it has been completely horrifying. I'm almost 8 months into it and am past the hard detox. Still experiencing psychological effects. Stay the course!! A clean diet and lots and lots of water!!

All I can say is thank you thank you all for sharing. I just went thru the exact emotions and dreams and physical sensations not realizing the source. I just forgot to take my paroxerine because I forgot to refill. I take a slew of other meds due to a severe heArt attack three years ago.

Now that I reLise the source of my weirded out state I am afraid to quit. But I will and talk to my provider. Imagine I was given this drug because loresapam was too addictive

Thanks agAin

I had been on paroxetine for 15 years dosage varied but at most I took 40mg daily. I decided to wean myself off and have felt absolutely horrible since. Started with headaches and dizziness. Then panic attacks, numbness in my arms and legs, sight problems and nearly fainting on a few occasions. Had many tests done which showed no physical cause. Had sleeping problems and nightmares. Doctor put it down to anxiety and said I need to go back on the medication. I did as I could not function with the way I was feeling. Couldn't leave the house without having a panic attack. I have been back on paroxetine for 6 months. I felt better at first and like the symptoms were going. Now I feel horrible again. Dizzy a lot and nearly fainted the other day and still having bad anxiety. Going to my gp in the next week. I dont know what to do...

I'm in my 10th day of paroxetine de-tox and feeling just slightly better. The first week was the worst. Unlike other posts, I have had extreme diarrhea and, with no appetite, have lost 7 pounds. Lots of brain zaps which made me think I shouldn't drive. I'm not sleeping well, sweating then chills, very focused headaches. And the emotional side effects of feeling weepy and irritable. I stopped cold turkey which wasn't the best way to do it in retrospect, but on the other hand this will hopefully be like ripping off a bandage, ie all the discomfort at once. On this site was the first time I saw the possibility of seizures during withdrawl, a concern for me since I have a past history of a seizure disorder. From what I've read, if one needs an SSRI for depression/panic/anxiety, good old Prozac is the best choice.

This is so unbearable detoxing paroxitine . Constant Full sweats and chills are excruciating...constant discomfort, crying, frustration, major constipation, colon area. Appreciate reading others experiences...

I feel your pain. Keep your head up and fight through this as I am fighting through it as well.

I've been on and off of paxil since I was 19 and coming off this time has been so hard. I've had really bad withdrawals and struggling to find a way to handle them. I did find omega-3 is helping a bit with the brain zaps. It's a process and trying to find the strength to get past this is hard.

Hang in there... it's been worse for me this time also after having been on paroxetine several years ago. It truly does seem unbearable.

How are you feeling these days?

I can say that paxil is a good and evil drug I started on paxil in the mid 90|s I have been on 40mgs for about 7 years I have tried twice to discontinue paxil and I truly thought I was dying at first it helped the depression but as time went on my brain must havegot used to it the withdrawals are horrible I suffered severe anxiety my leg muscles would constrict and I could see them rolling iwas super agitated crying depressed and very clingy my husband would have to drive me around all hours of the night because I couldn't sleep finally I gave up and went back on paxil it took about a month to feel better again oh and the brain zaps were the worst im convinced you cannot get off this drug but good luck to everyone trying

So glad I found all these stories. My sleep health clinic needs me off Paxil to do a sleep study. I am dizzy all the time! I've gone from 30 to now 5mg. This last bit has been hard. Dizzy. I get motion sick from everything now, even my driving! The light, sound sensitivities are better. I just feel crappy! How long do the side effects stay? Does the weight you gained from this come off too?

I have been on paxil for appx 15 years. Was taking it for GED and depression. I had anxiety attacks so bad that I was unable to eat. When the anxiety took over my life I fully understood why someone would commit suicide. Unless you experience depression and anxiety you can never understand. Paxil saved my life. That is all I can say. I am ready to get off of it. I was on 20mg per day. I began by taking 15mg per day for 4 days, then 10 mg per day for 4 days then 5mg per day for 4 days. Now I am on 2.5 mg per day and have 3 days left. I have experienced the brain zaps but not terrible. Have mostly had trouble sleeping and feel a little charged up. Not anxiety in my mind, but just in my body. I believe that this antidepressant really helped me at a time when I needed it so I wont discount its usefulness in people that struggle with anxiety. If anyone felt the way that I felt all those years ago I say absofreakinglutely take the drug. Its better than committing suicide, or having to live in a state of fear and doom.

Hi Carolyn,

I'm hoping that I reach you. I have been on a variety of drugs for PTSD (war service). Paroxetine is one of them. I was on 60mg and over nearly a year of weaning have finally stopped. It was the 20mg tablets and I actually didn't realise that you can get smaller doses. I'm constantly getting the zaps in my head, chest, arms and hands and it's driving me crazy. I have some other symptoms too and would love to know how long the zapping and dizziness lasted for you once you stopped taking this drug.

A substitute doctor suggested Paxil for my mild depression from IBS, menopausal night sweats and anxiety. She really sold me on it as a cure. It did work for awhile, but after 8 years I found I was just as depressed from IBS and was having anxiety so I thought why am I taking this? I was also concerned because my liver ADL numbers which I heard was a side effect in people that don't even drink were up and so was my hemoglobin. So 7 months ago I started weening myself off. Instead of taking 25mg every day I started taking it every other day, I did this for 5 months, then went to 12.5 every other day for a month and then twice a week for 3 weeks and then finally none. The first symptom I experienced 7 months ago was dry itchy eyes, then mild head aches, then some weepiness, then flu like symptoms with chills, night sweats, crazy dreams, acid indigestion, swollen eyes, itchy skin, leg cramps. These all came and went off and on. When I started on the 2 pills a week, then I really didn't feel well, flu like symptoms that came and went but the worse now is the stomach cramping, multiple bowel movements, diarrhea. Yesterday after 15 days without a pill the cramping like period cramps lasted all day and and this morning I had a migraine then the cramping again. Hopefully it last much longer. I found I had the zapping while taking Paxil but not since I've stopped.

When I quit paroxetine if I moved my eyes I would get that brain zap.

I am trying to get off the paxil myself. Today i feel soo irritabile and shakey. I feel so sad and want to cry. My brain keeps getting these strange pains and i feel soo nervous. I am tired and afraid of getting a panic attack. I been on the paxil for 8 years and I felt like a normal person not a person afraid to live life and enjoying it. Before the paxil I was afraid of everything. I was afraid to leave my house. Afraid of the fear of panic attacks. My fear is DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am afraid of dying even though I know everyone dies but it scares me so. The paxil took that fear away and I felt normal but now I heard that paxil can damage your heart over time and I do not want that to happen but now the fear is coming back and i am getting scared again. I am shakey and feel like the panic coming on again. I feel my old self coming back again and I do not like that person but I do not want to damage my heart either. I do not know what to do

Been on on Paxil for 1 year at 10 mg. Stopped working for me after 11 months. I was told to quit cold turkey since I was not on much. Dr. switched me to Zoloft, terrible stomach problems with this. I feel like I am going crazy, no energy, very anxious, afraid to go out. Never had these problems before. Anyone suggest help?

I have been on 10mg of paxil for two years. It helped for a while with anxiety and depression, mild side affects, but then it seemed to bottom out on its effectiveness for me. I made the mistake of going off it . I knew that I would have some side affects but not the severe ones I have experienced. I have had flu like symptoms,headaches, memory problems,inability to stay on task,crying every day, angry,irritable, light-headedness,muscle cramps. It has been about 3 monthes since I stopped. My doctor didn't tell me how difficult it could be if I went off them. May God help restore my equilibrium.

Age 51 I was prescribed Paxil (20mg)15 yrs ago and I had some of these effects. I believe it did save my life at that time. However, over time the drs. prescribed another anti dep to work with it as later I was still not doing well. Paxil at end was 40 mg. I had 3 drs. over that period and whenever I suggested going off the Paxil they all said maybe not a good time as you are having problems. They wouldn't even taper or help with a substitute. In my research I found that paxil is like Heroin (if not exactly) and withdrawal symptoms are equivalent. The makers only produce paxil in 10 mg increments when the taper would best be done in 5's. Drs. would take a lot of liability if someone committed suicide while trying to quit it and they know how bad it is to get off of. Reasons I finally decided to quit cold turkey. Emotional. I was just feeling worse having more symptoms that it was supposed to help with and traumatic events in family were all making me suicidal again. It was doing me no good. Physical. In the last 2 yrs. I've had 3 heart stents because of artery clogging. I researched Paxil again because statins weren't working to help cholesterol. I am also on a blood thinner. It turns out that all ssri's increase cholesterol and paxil can cause bleeding. I now had to choose try to help my heart. I decided it was time to try to get off it, cold turkey. *******I would not advocate this to anyone without full system support and backup. Tapering down is a best case scenario provided your Dr. is truly committed to helping you kick it. Several times one dr. reduced my dose then when I was having symptoms said that I would have to use the previous dose again. Refer to tapering above. I was already taking Ativan (3mg allowed daily) , lamictal, and I had some Seroquel left at home. I will start by telling you that you must have overwhelming reasons to quit. Even with the drug support I had I was suicidal, crying all the time. Sometimes screaming, angry as hell, in pain, panic, feeling it will never stop. etc. I have had 2 major (and a few mini) breakdowns in my life. This was pretty horrendous for me. I put my family through hell but they did what they could to support me. My husband even saved my life. (Please be firm with your Dr. and taper off. Some would say I should have been hospitalized. Maybe. But I know how it works they would have made me take paxil again, just for a bit. Sure. However I had someone who loves me enough to carefully watch over me without making it worse. I believe Paxil can help some but as it is the strongest SSRI out there I would choose a combination of others if possible. It is now over 1-1/2 months later and I can see so much more clearly. I am not as angry as I've been over the last 15 years. I feel ok to talk to a therapist for the first time in my life. Have an appt. soon. I can see other peoples fragility and I want to help them. Especially my family who put up with my personality change from using Paxil so long. Yes, it does change your personality. It can make you irritable, impatient and just mean also too far out to pay attention to important things like any other drug. I have a while to go of course but I am using only 1mg Ativan daily, still on Lamictal and occasionally Seroquel to sleep. Your brain will need time to recover after stopping. My brain and body move slowly right now, I get occasional stress headaches. Here is a list of withdrawal symptoms most of which I experienced.

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