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Paxil Weight Gain

Paxil and weight gain is a very common side effect, as it is with any treatment program involving an antidepressant which if part of the family of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). Because this medication is used as a treatment program for certain social anxiety disorders of the brain, one of the benefits of Paxil is to help stabilize the serotonin production within the body to help regulate these mood disorders. There are some cases in which Paxil and weight loss have been known to occur as well.

Why is Paxil Prescribed?

The more common medical conditions where Paxil is prescribed include clinical or chronic depression, obsessive-compulsion disorders, posttraumatic stress syndrome, panic and anxiety attacks, and other afflictions that affect our moods. The symptoms of these disorders and the combination of possible side effects from taking the psychotropic medication are thought to be the potential causes for Paxil and weight gain.

Moods, Paxil and Weight Gain

Due to the very nature of the ailments in which Paxil is prescribed, the propensity for weight fluctuations is increased. For example, one common symptom of depression is moodiness. This is also a possible side effect of the medication as well. When our emotions are always fluctuating from irritability to sadness to boredom, we tend to become more "emotional eaters". The term "comfort food" is derived by this common occurrence. Patients might reach for food as a means to make themselves feel better temporarily, leading to Paxil and weight gain.

Fatigue and its Effects

Fatigue is also associated with Paxil, as both a possible symptom of the disease or as a possible negative temporary side effect of the ingestion of Paxil. This can cause the patient to lose interest in exercising more regularly. Before the ingestion of Paxil, the patient may have been very active, depending on the medical ailment, as with obsessive-compulsive disorders. Now, with the introduction of this drug into the system, the desire for physical activity might be diminished, leading to Paxil and weight gain.

When does Paxil and Weight Loss Occur?

In some cases, Paxil and weight loss have been documented as well. It will be dependent upon the unique medical case of the individual patient. Depression, for example, can lead to a decrease in appetite. Until the medication begins to take effect and to stabilize the brain's production of serotonin levels, the patient might not see a related increase in the desire for food. Until this happens, they might exhibit signs of Paxil and weight loss.

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