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Methylprednisolone Dosage (Medrol 4mg)

Methylprednisolone is a corticosteroid that is used for many applications. Because of this, the dosage will vary depending on the condition it has been prescribed for. Also, the length of time of the treatment will differ depending on what condition is being treated. Please read on to see the methylprednisolone dosage for a number of ailments.

Methylprednisolone dosage for adults

For an adult that is suffering from an immunosuppression, dosage will start as low as one methylprednisolone 4mg pill per day. The dosage can be as high as 48 mg. This is the same dose that is used as an anti inflammatory in adults.

Adults who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis will receive injections directly into the affected joints rather than taking methylprednisolone tablets. The dose will change depending on the joints that are most affected by the condition. For smaller joints 4-10 mg will be injected. For medium sized joints a dose of 10-40 mg will be injected. Large joints require higher doses of 20-80 mg. The injections are placed between the two joint surfaces. Weekly intramuscular injections can range from 40-120 mg.

Adults who suffer from allergic rhinitis may also be given methylprednisolone via an intramuscular injection. The dose ranges from 40-120 mg. The same is true for a dermatological lesion. The injection may be repeated weekly for up to 4 weeks.

There are also occasions when methylprednisolone may be administered intravenously. Some one in shock may receive a 30 mg intravenous every 4 to 6 hours. Someone suffering from an asthma attack may be given 240 mg intravenously. A dose of 40-80 mg per day may continue to be administered daily via intravenous, or methylprednisolone tablets may be provided to be taken at home.

Methylprednisolone dosage for pediatric use

For children over the age of 11 that suffer from asthma, a daily dose of 7.5-60 mg may be prescribed. Children under the age of 11 may receive as little as .25 mg per day or as much as 2 mg. In acute situations, and only at a hospital, a dose of up to 240 mg may be administered intravenously to a child over age 11. Under age 11, doses will not exceed 2 mg, and never more than 60 mg in a 24-hour period.

Children suffering from acute inflammation may receive a dose of up to 30 mg every 4-6 hours, but the treatment can only continue for 48 to 72 hours at that dose. 0.5 mg can be injected once per day directly into the affected area.

This list does not highlight every condition for which methylprednisolone is prescribed, but it does show the methylprednisolone dosage will vary by age and condition.

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