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Celexa vs. Lexapro

Celexa and Lexapro both fall into same category of drug. They work to help you have the proper serotonin levels, thus creating a more stable hormonal climate for your mind to operate in. They are primarily used to treat depression, anxiety, and other conditions. What are the differences between these two medications? Which one should you take? Here is a comparison of Celexa vs. Lexapro to help you make an informed decision.

Celexa seems to have a high success rate amongst those being treated for depression. Also, Celexa has a generic version which is great for those with insurance. Your insurance is more likely to cover a generic drug, thus allowing you less expensive treatment. There are a number of complaints, however, about difficulty coping with the side effects of this treatment. Celexa often requires a rather high dose due to the fact that it is a whole molecule rather than a half. This fact comprises most of the differences you will notice when comparing the effectiveness and side effects of Lexapro vs. Celexa.

When designing Lexapro, scientist realized that one half of the chemical compound used in Celexa is more effective than the other half. Thus, the only used this one side of the chemical. This allows you to take a small dose while still getting the same positive effects. It also cuts out some of the side effects of the drug. The downside is that there is no generic version of Lexapro at this time. It is very expensive, and most insurance companies refuse to cover name brand medications.

Those who are currently on Celexa and considering a change may also want to check out comparisons of Celexa vs. Zoloft and Celexa vs. Prozac. These are other well established antidepressants that seem to have a good track record of helping patients to cope. So which medicine is right for you? Obviously, you will want to consult your physician to make the best possible choice. It is always good, however, to go to the doctor armed with the proper knowledge, so that you can hold a conversation about your treatment.

Sadly, benefits of a particular medication are not the only thing to consider nowadays. These are sometimes offset by ill side effects. Even worse is the expense associated with medicine, especially if health insurance refuses to cover it. Thus, many factors now affect what medicines people use in their treatment.

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