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Baclofen and Alcohol

Even though the original purpose of baclofen was to fight seizures, it was quickly determined to be non useful for treating that condition. In fact, seizures are a rare but potential side effect of the drug. It was, however, noted that baclofen successfully prevents muscle spasms during seizures, and thus it became useful in the management of MS as an antispasmodic. Further research was then done concerning baclofen and alcohol that discover another use for the versatile drug. Read on to learn more about the connection between baclofen and alcohol.

Alcoholism research

As far back as 2004, baclofen was praised in a book about overcoming addiction, for its ability to assist in recovery from alcoholism. Based on these claims, after the release of the biography, a donation of a large sum of money was anonymously made to promote clinical research. This drug is now considered viable for helping both to manage the withdrawal symptoms associated with recovery from alcohol addiction, as well as a means to reduce alcohol cravings early on in the recovery process. Doses of anywhere from 15 mg up to 360 mg have been used to help with this serious condition.

Drug interaction

There is no major concern over interaction between baclofen and alcohol. Studies have shown that there may be a slight increase in the drug's effects of drowsiness or weakness when combined with alcohol. However, in a study, it was shown that even heavy social drinkers who were on baclofen did not experience adverse effects as a result. Of course, if someone is taking baclofen to recover alcoholism, then use of alcohol while on the drug defeats the purpose of taking the medication in the first place.

Some who abuse baclofen for its mild euphoric reaction or its empathogen effect, have tried to use alcohol to enhance this effect to no avail. The wise course is to only take prescription drugs as direct. Abuse leads to a significantly higher risk of overdose. Baclofen carries severe overdose consequences including, but not limited to, coma. If you or someone you know is abusing this drug, medical help should be sought.

Baclofen is generally administered early in the treatment for alcoholism. Then the dose is gradually reduced. The drug thus achieves its purpose of preventing withdrawal symptoms without later causing any withdrawal symptoms of its own. This drug has thus found use successful use at many rehabilitation centers.

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