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Herbal and Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are often treated in the medical world through cognitive behavioural therapy and drug therapy. However, not every patient who suffers from anxiety would like to have this form of treatment. They often seek alternative treatments that are considered natural remedies for anxiety.

In this article, we shall briefly discuss these herbal and natural remedies for anxiety.

Natural anxiety remedies

There are certain herbal remedies for anxiety that are considered to be natural anxiety remedies. These include –

  1. Chamomile - Chamomile is a naturally available product that is useful in calming the nerves and reducing anxiety by acting as a mild sedative. It is useful as a short-term treatment but does not help manage anxiety in the long run.
  2. Catnip - This herbal remedy can help manage a variety of symptoms that patients with anxiety experience. This includes abdominal pains, irritation and headaches. Patients tend to sleep but better and are a lot more relaxed.
  3. Hops - While hops are considered to be useful only in the manufacture of beer, it in fact has a number of different properties that can help manage different symptoms during an anxiety attack. It is particularly effective in treating headaches and insomnia that accompanies anxiety. Patients tend to be a lot less nervous and their overall digestion tends to improve as well.
  4. Valerian Root - This herbal treatment is often used home remedy for anxiety. It has effective sedative properties and helps relax the patient and reduce stress. Its effect has been shown in the short-term but there are no long-term studies as such assessing this. It is recommended that it be taken for no more than a few weeks.
  5. Kava - Kava was previously used as a treatment for patients suffering from severe anxiety, but unfortunately patients tend to develop is quite severe liver damage from its use and it is therefore no longer recommended. Its use has not been banned it but it is good to be aware that it can be potentially dangerous in patients who already have problems with their liver.
  6. Passion Flower - Passionflower is a useful herbal remedy for managing mild anxiety. It reduces levels of nervousness and can prevent mood swings and headaches. It is generally considered to be safe and effective but side-effects such as drowsiness and confusion may occur in some patients. It is often combined with other herbs and available as a proprietary product.

Home remedies for managing anxiety in the form of herbal treatments are fairly popular. Their effectiveness has been questioned though many patients do find it to be of benefit. Before taking any form of herbal remedies, it is always essential that the doctor’s advice be sought at first.

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