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Zyrtec for Children

Zyrtec is most commonly used for the treatment of symptoms experienced as a result of allergies or hay fever. It is a second-generation antihistamine due to it being one of the main metabolites of hydroxyzine. Since it does not cause as much drowsiness as other antihistamines, it is useful for relieving daytime allergies. It does not cause as much drowsiness due to its low bioavailability, meaning that limited amounts cross the blood brain barrier. It achieves the majority of its effects by it action at the H1 receptor. This receptor is responsible for producing most of the undesirable side effects attributed to allergies and hay fever. Zyrtec is approved for usage in children, but there are different guidelines for dosing as well as different side effects to be aware of when administering the medication to children.

Zyrtec side effects in children

Due to the different body chemistry of children, as well as their smaller size, there is an increase in the likelihood of side effects when considering Zyrtec for kids. The main side effect to be aware of in children taking Zyrtec is increased drowsiness. Due to children's smaller physical size, Zyrtec is more likely to produce sedation and dizziness in children. If this happens, it is nothing major to worry about and should go away once the medication wears off completely. Other side effects observed in children are dryness of the throat and mouth or stomach irritation.

With children taking Zyrtec, there are also rare cases in which the medication can cause more serious conditions. Infrequently, Zyrtec will cause psychological effects in children. The most common of these is a disturbance of sleep patterns and nightmares. There have also been scattered cases of children developing nervousness or over-excitement after taking Zyrtec. In addition, a very small amount of children taking Zyrtec have experienced seizures from the medication. If any of these side effects occur, it is important to get your child to a doctor as soon as possible as these reactions may be an indication of a medical problem.

Zyrtec dosage for children

The recommended dosage of Zyrtec for children is 5mg. This can be obtained in a variety of forms. Many children may not like or be able to take tablets due to trouble or an aversion to swallowing. Fortunately, Zyrtec comes in a chewable form. Chewable Zyrtec is a great way to get your child to take the medication as they are often flavored, making it much more enjoyable and less frightening than having to swallow a pill. For children, Zyrtec also comes in a syrup form. The syrup can be measured with a syringe to achieve more accurate doses. For children under six years of age, a dosage of 2.5mg is recommended. The best way to achieve this dosage is by measuring a syrup dosage with a syringe. The syrup is dosed so that 1ml contains 1 mg of Zyrtec. If a syringe is not available, a teaspoon can be used to measure the dosage. 1 tsp. equals 5mg of Zyrtec so ½ tsp. equals 2.5 mg.

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