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Zoloft Weight Gain

Zoloft and weight gain is a very common combination. In fact, this often occurs with all forms of antidepressants. Those medications that brag about having the opposite effect are considered very extreme versions of this type of medicine and are less often prescribed by medical professionals. There are a few reasons why Zoloft and weight loss seem to contradict one another.


The way that antidepressants work within the blood stream causes the body's metabolic rates to slow down. This means that our body does not burn the calories from the foods and beverages that we consume at our regular speed. If we burn our food more slowly, then we tend to incur a few extra pounds. Reducing the amount of food that you eat may or may not decrease the likelihood for Zoloft and weight gain, but there are other solutions that can help.

Mood Changes

One reason why Zoloft and weight loss rarely occur at the same time is because the purpose of taking this medication is to stabilize our moods and depressive tendencies. Until the treatment program has run its course and we begin to readjust emotionally, the possibilities for moodiness are increased. We as human beings tend to be "emotional eaters".

This means that we can sometimes turn to food as a way to placate our feelings of sadness, boredom, irritability, and even happiness if we are not used to having this emotion on a regular basis. This is where the term "comfort food" gets its name. By learning the difference between "hunger" and "appetite", we can learn how to decrease the potential for long term use of Zoloft and weight gain.

Possible Zoloft and Weight Gain Resolutions

Once you begin the treatment program, you will want to instantly begin to monitor your weight fluctuations. Not everyone has the same side effects, although Zoloft and weight loss is a very rare occurrence. If you begin to see an increase in pounds when you step on the morning scale, try to simply adjust your diet to a healthier food selection.

It is not recommended that you go on a starvation diet, but to just make better choices. Include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily nutrition program and stay away from the refined sugars and processed fats. Increase fiber content from whole grain breads and introduce more protein into your diet, which is a natural method of curbing the appetite. By monitoring your diet more closely, you may reduce Zoloft and weight gain to a more manageable level.

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