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Natural Remedies for ADHD

Treatment for ADHD consists of a combination of therapy in certain instances. Natural therapies are always sought after, especially because not many parents wish to give their children tablets, or adults are not keen to take tablets themselves if they suffer from ADHD. This is probably because of the various side effects that can be associated with taking medications. Stimulant drugs and antidepressant medications are often used to treat ADHD, and can also have certain negative effects on patients, especially on the conduction system of the heart.

In such situations, natural therapies can help manage patients with ADHD. These treatments range from simple supplements to nutrition and relaxation therapies.

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are readily and easily available over the counter in most supermarkets and pharmacies these days. Supplements that are useful in managing ADHD include -

  • Essential fatty acids - Regular supplementation with essential fatty acids has shown to improve overall behaviour and cognition in children with ADHD.
  • Magnesium supplements - These have been shown to better control hyperactivity.
  • B-Complex vitamins - These are useful to maintain healthy nerve conduction and brain function.

Fruits and vegetables

Following a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables can help control symptoms of ADHD by maintaining proper bodily functions.

Balancing activity with relaxation therapy

This is a fairly important strategy. Children with ADHD can be excessively impulsive and hyperactive, leading them to be distractible and unable to concentrate. Offering a child regular activities, interspersed with relaxation treatments can help balance the emotions experienced.

Herbal remedies

Certain herbal treatments such as brahmi and ginko biloba have been found useful in improving the flow of blood to the brain. They are rich in antioxidants as well, providing protection to the nerves and improving the ability to learn. Other natural herbal remedies that have been shown to help include green oars and Siberian ginseng. All these herbal remedies help maintain the blood flow to the brain and reduce the release of chemicals that can lead to hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour.

Behavioural therapy at home

Another natural therapy that does not involve supplements of any kind is changing the child’s behaviour at home through certain simple measures. Offering the child a reward of some sort for good behaviour can reinforce positive attitudes and further good behaviour. Allowing and encouraging regular exercise can help enhance chemical production in the brain that promotes normal behaviour.

Natural remedies for ADHD can be fairly effective. Detailed assessments need to be performed but treatments are generally effective.

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