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Robaxin (Methocarbamol) High (as a Recreational Drug)

Robaxin is not a narcotic like many other muscle relaxers. It is also not a pain reliever, but instead, it targets the nerves that register pain, temporarily numbing them to the pain caused by muscle-related injuries. In a double blind study, methocarbamol and lorazepam were both shown to impair psychomotor and cognitive performance; however, the effect was much less significant in the methocarbamol test group.

Both methocarbamol and the lorazepam increase the subjects ratings of drug effect and dose-related increases, but only the lorazepam increased the morphine-Benzedrine group (MGB) scale scores.

Because of its nature as a muscle relaxer, there is a black market value to Robaxin (methocarbamol). It does not produce a "high" as is found with many other prescription drugs. By exceeding the regular dosage it produces a stupor-like state, however.

Though it is not recommended to drink while on this medication, those who are using it recreationally will add alcohol to increase the effects. An overuse of this medication, over 5 grams per hour, can produce catatonic states, labored breathing, and inability to control muscles. Vomiting while in this state makes choking a potentially fatal hazard.

Robaxin for Recreational Use

Taken at doses well above those used therapeutically, Robaxin does have the potential to be abused by individuals, especially those with a history of sedative abuse. The potential for abuse with Robaxin is dramatically less than the potential for abuse that is seen with other types of drugs in the same category.

This being said, there is always at least one person, or group of people that will use anything they can find to produce an altered state of consciousness. The accounts below come from a personal blog of someone who recorded their personal experiences with Robaxin abuse.

With a dose of approximately 4 grams in an hour, the mind enters an observational state, but the user is able to move and converse. When this is upped to 9 grams within a two-hour period, an almost catatonic-like state is produced for three to four hours. The person using this much is unable to walk or scratch their face. At the rate of 5 grams in a 30-minute window, the subject is completely disassociated, nauseous and fatigued. Finally, 7.5 grams in a one-hour period makes the subject completely unable to move and barely able to retain consciousness.

The abuse of Robaxin is not as likely to occur as other drugs, but it is a possibility. The good news is that since it is not addictive, the only "craving" that will come for it is in the mind of the user. People who use it as prescribed will not have a "come-down" or "craving" for Robaxin once they stop taking it.

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