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Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) High

Flexeril i.e. cyclobenzaprine is a drug that has a muscle relaxing affect and is used in the treatment of spastic muscle disorders. It works by altering the levels of neurotransmitters and therefore can affect the functions of the nerves and indirectly the muscles.

With prolonged use of Flexeril, patients can sometimes become used to the effects and can depend upon the drug for its clinical benefit. When prescribed, the dosage is usually limited to a short period of time but some patients tend to overdose on the medication and taken for prolonged periods of time. When doing so, suddenly stopping the medication can result in withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, some people believe that Flexeril has got an addictive effect.

While there is no clear scientific evidence to support this, there still remains concern about the effects that Flexeril has on the body. Given the muscle relaxing affect, some believe that taking cyclobenzaprine can give them a high. But the fact the matter is that it does not really do that by itself but only does so when taken with other medication.

For example, if Flexeril is taken along with alcohol, some individuals stated that they feel a sense of euphoria and feel high. This effect is primarily due to alcohol and not due to Flexeril itself. Rather than feeling a high, some patients tend to just fall asleep once a taken the drug. It is always recommended that the drug not be taken with alcohol but be taken with water as prescribed by the physician. This is because the drug can interact in odd ways with alcohol and can cause effects which could be harmful to the patient.

It is important to bear in mind that if Flexeril were to give patients a high, it would come with a very high abuse potential and will be marked as a controlled drug. Due to the specific lack of this effect, the US drug enforcement agency does not consider Flexeril a controlled substance and therefore does not regulate its prescription. Individuals who are attempting to get a high from taking Flexeril main fact experience overdose symptoms. These symptoms range from visual disturbances, hallucinations, confusion and seizures and in some cases even coma and death. It is therefore strongly recommended that Flexeril be taken only in the prescribed doses and never taken over and above what the doctor has recommended.

The abuse potential of Flexeril has been in the news in the past where the popular singer Whitney Houston overdosed on a cocktail of drugs that included cyclobenzaprine. Whether or not this was taken to get a high is unclear but either way combining cyclobenzaprine with other drugs that can give a high can sometimes potentiate the effect of cyclobenzaprine itself. It is for this reason that the drug has to be taken only on prescription and must not be taken with other drugs that have abuse potential.

It is highly unlikely that Flexeril has an abuse potential and can cause a high. Its effect is primarily due to combining the drug with other medication that is known to cause the high. High doses can be dangerous and can be fatal.

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