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Prednisone Uses

Facts to Know When you Have Been Prescribed Prednisone:

Prednisone 5mg is not the only dosage that gets prescribed. Prednisone 10mg and Prednisone 20mg are also quite common. No matter which dosage you are prescribed, there are a number of facts which it would behoove you to know. To begin with, the basic purpose of this drug is to prevent inflammation. It does so by preventing the release of certain substances in the body that cause it. Therefore, if you have been prescribed this drug, it's likely that this is because you have some type of condition that results in inflammation and its associated pain. Of course, there are also other uses for this occasionally.

Regardless of what it is being used for in your particular situation, you should know that taking Prednisone 5mg (or any other dose, for that matter) will typically have a noticeable affect on your immune system. This can have two adverse effects. One of those effects is that your weakened immune system could make it that much easier for you to develop some type of infection. On the other hand, it could also worsen an infection you either currently have or have recently had. Therefore, your doctor definitely needs to know whether or not you now have or have recently had any of these types of infections.

There are also some side effects you might experience while taking Prednisone 5mg (or any other dose). Some of them are relatively minor, but some of them can also be more serious. Some of the minor side effects of this medication include things such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, sleeplessness, and mood changes. However, on the more serious side, there is also some possibility of side effects such as rapid weight gain, severe depression, or coughing up blood. You should call your doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms, or any other dramatic (or unusual) side effects. This allows your doctor to adjust your dosage or perhaps attempt to relieve your inflammation through the use of some other type of medication.

Whether you have been prescribed Prednisone at 5mg or some other dosage, you need to follow the instructions for its use very carefully. It is especially important not to take more or less than is prescribed, and to not stop taking it any sooner than your doctor recommends. Also, the medicine itself should be stored at room temperature... not in the refrigerator. Also, any doctor that treats you needs to know that you are taking it.

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